How Trends in Tapware Have Evolved

Tapware has evolved over the years and there have been constant trends that surfaced in the Australian market. Given more recent times, bathrooms now are becoming a key feature in homes. They are no longer known for being a practical area of the house, but have become a statement. If you would like to know more about the evolving trends in tapware, read the rest of this blog.

Following the Italian Trends

Tapware is probably the most trend sensitive market. Traditionally, Australia have always followed the Italian looks. Early on, there were a lot of German tapware in the market. However, it was noticeably too bulky and bold. Though very good quality, these were too heavy looking and people desired more minimalistic designs. Therefore, there was a real swing away from that. As majority of German tapware were manufactured in chrome, people more recently have wanted to customise their tapware with colours and different materials. This is one of the noticeable trends that Australia has followed after Italy.


Driven by colour

Chrome and white tapware are considered a thing of the past. 10 years ago, chrome and black moved into the market. Tapware are now coming in a range of different colours. For example, now we are seeing the likes of Brodware, an Australian designer, offering 25 different colour choices. Tapware is becoming more bespoke in a sense that it is all custom-made. A customer can more or less have any sort of colour they desire. You can have a mixture of colours as well. For example, you can have a black mirror handle and have a gold body in the mixer itself. If you have ever had the desire to fully customise your bathroom, now is the time to do so with the exciting new colours manufactures are creating tapware in.

New durable finishes

New colours come with new finishes. PVD coating or Physical Vapour Deposition coating, is a high-tech vacuum deposition process where the coating material transfers on a single atom or molecule level, which provides an extremely pure and high-performance coating. This is far superior than anything we have seen in the market before. Before PVD hit the market, any tapware that was coloured, was simply sprayed with a coating that over time would break down. However, with the PVD finish, it is as good as chrome plating. Now you are able to get a Swiss brass, and that finish will remain for the life of the tapware. And when we say that, we are looking at 15 to 30 years.

Mixers are still going strong

Mixers are single taps with a lever that control the temperature and flow in a single motion. Instead of having the hot and cold tap, you can essentially ‘mix’ the temperature depending on the direction you choose. These have been prominent for a number of years on the contemporary side of the market. What has changed, however, is the number of new mixer designs that have surfaced. You can find some mixers that control only the temperature and not the flow. Some levers are created very sleek and square-like as opposed to the older ergonomic handle style.

Need new, updated tapware?

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