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Combination Showers

Combination showers, dual head shower rails, an overhead shower on rail with a hand-held showers on a bracket, fixed and swivel shower heads.

Introducing our extensive range of combination showers in Sydney, meticulously curated to redefine a bathroom’s looks and feels. Shower head and rail hand shower sets in Sydney water-efficient and Wels rated. Start your day with a stylish designer, superior functioning shower experience with our selection of dual function showers, an overhead shower and a handshower on rail. The Villeroy & Boch best quality shower collection allow you to have the perfect showering experience.

Whether your bathroom setting is modern, contemporary or classic, combination showers are functional and modify to suit adults or children and makes a beautiful statement in any shower. The Raindance line of shower heads by Hansgrohe are water eco-smart and features a sleek profile. The Villeroy & Boch Architectura overhead shower is suitable for any bathroom style. We also supply quality shower heads from Brodware, Sussex Taps, Novas and faucet Strommen and Newform.

Choose Just Bathroomware for your combination showers in Sydney

Invest in the benefits of combination showers in Sydney with Just Bathroomware, where each shower is a blend of style, sustainability and superior functionality.

  • Versatility — Whether the bathroom has a modern, contemporary or classic setting, combination showers are versatile and adaptable. They can be modified to suit adults or children, making a beautiful statement in any shower space. The variety of designs ensures compatibility with different bathroom styles.

  • Superior functionality — With dual-function showers combining an overhead shower and a hand shower on rails, users can enjoy a superior and more immersive showering experience. The functionality is designed to enhance comfort and convenience.

  • Water efficiency — Just Bathroomware's combination showers in Sydney prioritise water efficiency. The shower head and rail hand shower sets are water-efficient and WELS-rated, contributing to sustainable water usage while maintaining a stylish design.

  • Quality assurance — Brands like Villeroy & Boch, known for their commitment to quality, are part of the collection. This ensures that the combination showers offered by Just Bathroomware are not only stylish but also durable, providing a long-lasting investment in the bathroom.

  • Water-saving innovations — For those conscious of water conservation, Just Bathroomware offers a large range of water-saving showerheads Australia-wide. These innovations contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to bathing.

For those looking for a highly functional water smart combo shower, we have a large range of water saving shower heads Australia wide.

At Just Bathroomware, we make it easy to build beautiful bathrooms as Australia’s one-stop shop for bathroom fixtures and accessories. Upgrade your daily routine with the perfect blend of style and function — explore Just Bathroomware's combination showers in Sydney today and turn any shower space into a haven of luxury and innovation.

Shop our range online now and enjoy Australia-wide shipping, or you can visit our showrooms in Drummoyne or Crows Nest for bathroom design inspirations and to see the best combination showers in Sydney in person. Our friendly experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the best shower models for your purposes.


What does a bath-shower combination mean?

A bath-shower combination, often referred to as a shower-tub combo, is a bathroom fixture that combines a bathtub and a shower in one unit. This versatile design allows users to choose between taking a quick shower or a relaxing bath, offering flexibility and space efficiency.

Is it better to have a shower-tub combo or a walk-in shower?

This depends on individual preferences and needs. A shower-tub combo is ideal for those who enjoy both bathing and showering options, especially in homes with limited space. Walk-in showers offer a more modern and open aesthetic, catering to individuals prioritising accessibility and a contemporary bathroom design.

You can view our combination showers in Sydney in either of our Drummoyne and Crows Nest showrooms to see them in person and receive recommendations or assistance from our experts.

What are the benefits of installing a shower-tub combo?

Installing a combination shower in Sydney comes with several benefits, including:

  • Versatility — Provides the option for both quick showers and leisurely baths, catering to varied preferences.

  • Space efficiency — Ideal for smaller bathrooms where space may be limited, combining two fixtures into one unit.

  • Family-friendly — Suited for families with children, offering a convenient bathing option alongside the practicality of a shower.

  • Resale value — Upgrading to a shower-tub combo can enhance the resale value of a home, appealing to a broader range of potential buyers with different bathing preferences.

  • Water efficiency — Allows for water conservation by providing the option to use either the shower or the tub based on the need, promoting eco-friendly practices.