Globo Toilets

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W 340mm x D 530mm x H 430mm


Mode 530mm Floor Mounted Pan by Globo


W 360mm x D 540mm x H 430mm

4All 540mm Wall Hung Pan by Globo


W 360mm x D 500mm x H 430mm

Genesis Compact Floor Mounted Toilet Pan by Globo


Globo Toilets

 Globo toilets offer a variety of wall hung and floor standing toilet pans characterised by an advanced design and by a moderate price, such as the 4ALL, Genisis and Mode collections.

Globo toilets Water Saving technology is a new flush system that considerably decreases the water consumption with a drain lower than 3 Lt on average. Ceramica Globo’s commitment to water conservation has driven it to design more and more efficient products and systems, created using eco-friendly production processes that have a low impact on the environment.