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Shaws Butler Sinks

Shaws handcrafted fireclay Butler Sinks and Shaker Sinks. When Shaws of Darwen was founded in the closing years of the 19th century, they had a vision – to make the finest handcrafted fireclay sinks in the whole of England.

Heavy duty fireclay is a blend unique to Shaws, perfected over 120 years. Shaws fireclay includes the world’s finest Devon Ball Clay, which is still mixed and poured by hand. It is up to 25% more dense than clay used by other manufacturers and takes more skill to work with. The fireclay is handcrafted into thick solid walls making each sink much heavier and more durable than thinner or hollow-wall sinks. The quality of the glaze and its application affects the durability of a sink.

Shaws unique heavyweight glaze is blended to exacting standards of strength and gloss, and is applied by a skilled specialist to ensure an even coating. Two layers are applied to every Shaws sink to produce a smoother and hard-wearing glaze which is typically 2-4 times thicker than sinks made by other manufacturers. A Shaws sink is fired at 1200 °C for 32 hours to enable the heavy duty fireclay and glaze to fuse into one inseparable and enduring body.

Shaws sink carries an impression on its base of the name of the master craftsman who created it. This, along with our Certificate of Authenticity, is your assurance that your investment has been