DADOquartz Baths

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L 1530mm x D 825mm x H 600mm

Julia Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz

L 1800mm x D 900mm x H 600 mm

Victoria Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz


L 1595mm x D 730mm x H 475mm

Vivian Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz


L 1625mm x D 730mm x H 470mm

Morgane Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz


L 1500mm x D 815mm x H 470mm

Gabriella Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz


L 1550mm x D 800mm x H 570mm

Emily Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz


L 1660mm x D 700mm x H 530mm

Toronto Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz


DADOquartz Baths

DADOquarts® baths and bathtubs are created from quartz ore and Southern African earth minerals that are crushed and combined with superior resin and other natural minerals to create a strong and durable product. It has a natural matte stone look that can be polished to a gloss, and is silky smooth to the touch. Quartz gives DADOquartz® its alluring characteristics of wellness and sustainability, with it’s eco-friendly nature.

DADOquartz baths & Bathtubs are satin finish, which is silky smooth to the touch.

Produced by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities DADOquartz combines the advantages of granite and polymer products. It is manufactured by combining mostly crushed quartz with UV stable resin and pigments. Because of the uniformity of the material, DADOquartz has no fissures, veins or other imperfections that could compromise strength or appearance.

DADOquartz has a natural appearance and subtle depth of colour. It is stronger, more durable, safer and more consistent than natural stone. All DADOquartz products are individually finished by hand.

DADOquartz is scratch, heat, mildew and mould resistant, easy-to-clean. DADOquartz is more flexible than natural stone and consequently has a higher thermal shock resistance.