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Brodware Tapware

Brodware tapware has a number of bathroom, kitchen and laundry tap collections that are of high quality and beautifully designed and crafted. Brodware is an Australian manufacture since 1964.

Tapware ranges such as the Manhattan, Halo, Yokato, City Que, City Stik, City Plus, Voda taps and the Minim contemporary design tapware as well as shower and bathroom accessory collections to match. Brodware tapware also have a range of elegant classic, traditional tap design styles such as the beautiful Winslow, Neu England, Michelangelo and Classique tapware with bathroom accessory and shower collections that form part of these collections. The new Industrica and Nanobar range are perfect for an industrial bathroom style tapware collection.

Brodware offer an additional service where you can customise your bathroom design without limitations. Brodware offer a variety of custom finishes which you can customise or combine in a variety of ways to individualise your bathroom tapware, shower and accessories. PVD, electroplated or powder coat finishes such as Brushed Rose, Rumbled Brass, Florentine Bronze, Weathered Brass, Copper, Gold and Brass to modern bright and vibrant reds, French blue and white to matte Nero black.

Contact our passionate bathroom consultants at our two Sydney bathroom showrooms located in Drummoyne and Crows Nest with any questions regarding Brodware tapware or visit the showrooms and see this stunning tapware and various finishes in person, to help you decide on the perfect tap for your bathroom renovation.


Where are Brodware products made?

All of Brodware tapware is made in the company’s factory in Sydney, Australia. As more and more people discover Brodware tapware online, the company’s reputation for superior local craftsmanship is growing. For a locally manufactured tapware solution, look no further than Brodware.

How do I clean and maintain my Brodware fixtures?

Depending on the material of your Brodware fixtures, different cleaning approaches are required. It is not recommended you use abrasive or caustic cleaners, including citric acid and scourers, as these will damage the finish.

For organic finish Brodware tapware, applying a micro-crystalline wax and buffing this out 5 to 6 times a year will allow for a natural patina to develop on the surface. InFinium PVD finishes, powder coat finishes, and electroplate finishes should be cleaned using a soft cloth and warm water, with an occasional application of a non-caustic cleaner like Mr Sheen for extra lustre. A mild liquid soap that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals can also be used if needed.

Can I use Brodware products outdoors?

The range of Brodware tapware for sale from Just Bathroomware is suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its brass construction. Chlorine and salt water may affect the way Brodware taps and fixtures age, so care should be taken to clean them and preserve their finish.

What finishes are available on Brodware products?

If you’re looking to buy Brodware tapware, there are a number of finishes you can choose from, including:

  • Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) finish
  • Organic finish
  • Electroplated finish
  • Powder Coat finish

The chic, simple lines of Brodware tapware and fixtures make them an excellent choice for any modern bathroom or toilet.

What is a PVD finish?

PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition and is an advanced hard coating technique that transfers metallic materials onto tapware at an atomic level, producing a scratch-resistant surface that is also able to avoid tarnishing, abrasion, corrosion and discolouration. As a benchmark of hardness and wear resistance, the range of PVD Brodware tapware for sale is one of the most durable and hard-wearing product selections on the market.

How long is the warranty on Brodware products?

When you purchase Brodware tapware online from Just Bathroomware, you’re making an investment in quality craftsmanship and innovative materials. All Bordware products come with a 20-year warranty. However, with proper care, these fixtures can be expected to last upwards of 40 years, making them a lifelong solution in any home.