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L 1500mm X D 800mm X H 547mm

Corvara Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert


1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm, 1780mm

Pebble X Stone Bath by Just Bathroomware


L 1600mm X D 700mm X H 510 mm

Stand Freestanding Bath By Studio Bagno


L 1600mm x D 700mm x H 550mm

Lust Freestanding Bath by Studio Bagno


L 1650mm X D 727mm X H 550 mm

Vetralla 2 Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert


L 1645mm x D 800mm x H 611mm

Amiata Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert


L 1749mm  x D 850mm x H 600mm 

Eldon Back To Wall Bath by Victoria + Albert


L 1900mm X D 845mm X H 495mm

Napoli Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert


L 1702mm X D 801mm X H 598mm

Warndon Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert


L 1498mm X D 799mm X H600mm

Edge Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert

L 1695mm X D 798mm X H 653mm

Pescadero Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert


L 1500mm x D 480mm x  H 600mm

Taizu Round Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert


L 1800mm x D 850mm x H 550mm

Eleganza Freestanding Bath by Gessi


L 1743mm x D 473mm x H 597mm

Ravello Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert

L 1645 X W 741 X H 502mm

Mozzano Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert


L 1785mm x D 870mm x H 552mm

Barcelona Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert


1400mm, 1500mm, 1650mm, 1800mm

Mojo Oval Freestanding Bath by Marblo


L 1500mm x D 815mm x H 470mm

Gabriella Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz


L 1625mm x D 730mm x H 470mm

Morgane Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz


L 1595mm x D 730mm x H 475mm

Vivian Freestanding Bath by DADOquartz


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Freestanding Baths

Looking to buy a freestanding bath for your new bathroom renovation? Just Bathroomware has a wide selection of freestanding baths from quality European and Australian suppliers such as Kaldewei, Bette, Villeroy & Boch, DADOquartz, StoneKast and Gessi, just to mention a few!

A beautiful bathroom adds luxury and value to your home, and a freestanding bath is both a statement and the pinnacle of the bathroom design. It adds to our sense of wellbeing, creating an inviting place to relax. Add a bath cushion and a bath rack to hold your refreshing drink, and you have yourself the ideal spot to unwind from your stressful day. Take your bathroom design to the next level of luxury and elegance with a freestanding bath from the beautiful collection at Just Bathroomware.

A large selection of bathtubs and styles to choose from

For the best freestanding bath in Sydney, look no further than the wide variety of styles on offer at Just Bathroomware.

To complement your bathroom design, choose one of our contemporary designs with fine edges and modern rectangular styles with sharp lines, or an organic design style with soft oval or round smooth curves. Many baths fit seamlessly with a modern bathroom design, including the unique shapes and curves of the Cabrits freestanding bath by Victoria + Albert and the smooth organic oval shape of the Mojo stone bath from Marblo. If you are after a more traditional classic look, the Clearwater Balthazar stone bathtub or the Cheshire from Victoria + Albert could very well be the ideal choice for you.

Choose a freestanding bath in a material that suits your style

Freestanding baths are available in various materials at Just Bathroomware. From natural stone to composite stone, enamelled steel and acrylic, you will easily find the kind of material in our collection that will complement your bathroom style. We pride ourselves on offering quality materials in every bathtub design and sourcing from the finest local and international manufacturers. Our baths also all come with extensive warranties for your absolute peace of mind. From materials and styles that suit a natural spa-style look to the latest in modern interior looks, you will find freestanding bath designs available in our catalogue to suit every kind of décor.

Buy freestanding baths in Sydney today

Please feel free to visit one of our Sydney locations or contact our experienced consultants from our Drummoyne or Crows Nest Sydney showrooms for further advice about the best freestanding bath for you. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest expertise on bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. So whether you are looking for contemporary baths, clawfoot baths, classic baths or freestanding baths in Sydney, you know that Just Bathroomware is the supplier you can trust for quality and style. Browse our collection today to find the best freestanding bath Sydney has to offer.