Heated Towel Rails

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H 893mm x W 523mm

Edge 10 Bar by Bathroom Butler


H 1235mm x W 524mm

Natural 15 Bar by Bathroom Butler


Height: 1235mm, Width: 524mm, 673mm

Natural 12 Bar by Bathroom Butler


Height: 585mm, Width: 674mm, 824mm, 1124mm

Natural 7 Bar by Bathroom Butler


H 735mm x W 524mm

Natural 5 Bar by Bathroom Butler


Height: 535mm, Width: 524, 674 mm

Natural 4 Bar by Bathroom Butler


Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are a bathroom essential that you'll instantly fall for. In winter, a warm, dry towel is a luxury. But with quality brands such as Hydrotherm, Avenir, Brodware and Bathroom Butler, you have the chance to buy a heated towel rail in Sydney that is second to none.

Our heated towel rails, ladders and racks are made from the finest quality materials to enhance thermal conductivity and prevent corrosion while still featuring cutting-edge design. These towel rails warm your towels and help you save money by reducing the amount of energy you're using. If you live in a country where winter is harsh, you need to buy heated towel rails.

Elevate the luxury, glamour and convenience of your bathroom and choose the ultimate bathroom accessory from our collection of heated towel rails.

A design to suit every bathroom

Heated towel rails and ladders come in various models – wall-mounted, individual rails, floor to ceiling, floor to wall and freestanding. Design styles vary from the soft, rounded bars of our heated towel rail ladders to strong straight square bars and individual single bars. Our heated towel rails can also be ordered in matte black, white, stainless steel finish as well as gold and gun metal finishes. No matter your choice, all of them can be installed in a highly functional and practical configuration.

Heated towel rails are more than just a place to hang your towels to keep them dry and fresh; they are also a stylish and modern statement for your bathroom. Browse our collection to find the right heated towel rails to suit your bathroom décor and add that special finishing touch for both supreme comfort and ultimate convenience.

Practical designs for every home

Thermostats can be adjusted to switch on and off at times that suit your requirements or simply turned off altogether over summer, which is a great energy-saving option. There's no longer any need to wake to a cold towel on a chilly winter's morning when you can select a heated towel rail online. It won’t only blend with your décor but also provide you with a practical, space-saving solution for your bathroom. Each of the designs in our collection come from the finest quality manufacturers, who have made it their business to create heated towel rails that are as practical as they are stylish.

Buy from the bathroom experts today

At Just Bathroomware, you will find only the best brands of heated towel rails in Australia. Our products are well regarded by our customers and come with a warranty. We are sure that once you buy heated towel rails and ladders from us, you'll be back for more!

Please contact our experienced bathroom showroom consultants at our two Sydney locations – Drummoyne and Crows Nest — with any questions you have about adding heated towel rails to your home. Whether you choose to visit one of our Sydney showroom locations or you prefer to shop online, we have the products you need to make your bathroom really shine. Take your bathroom to the next level and visit Just Bathroomware for heated towel rails that will make an ideal addition to your bathroom.


How do I choose a heated towel rail?

Heated towel rails in Australia come in various sizes and shapes, so measuring the space where you want to install them before purchasing is essential. Another important consideration is the type of heating element that you want your towel rail to have, either electric or hydronic (water-based). Finally, you'll need to decide on a finish, whether chrome, black and white or brushed nickel, depending on your taste and the overall style of your bathroom.

Are vertical heated towel rails better than horizontal ones?

There's no definitive answer to this question. It depends on your personal preferences and the overall style of your bathroom, which you should think of prior to buying heated towel rails. Vertical heated towel rails take up less space than horizontal ones, so they're good for small bathrooms. They also tend to be more decorative so that they can add a touch of luxury to your space.

Horizontal heated towels provide more space for hanging towels, making them a good choice if you have a large bathroom. Ultimately, the best way to decide when you buy heated towel rails is to browse through different options and see what appeals to you.

Do white towel rails give out more heat than chrome towel rails?

YES, the material of the towel rail does not affect the amount of heat it emits. Copper tube ensures ultimate thermal conductivity and radiant heat. The heat output of a towel rail is determined by its Wattage, electroplated heated towel rail such as chrome ,output is less than Powder coat finish heated towel rail output.