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Lighting & Extraction Fans

Wall lighting, heat lamps and extraction fans are often overlooked but can enhance the look and health, comfort and maintenance aspect of your bathroom. If you’re looking to refresh or renovate a bathroom, one of the quickest ways to update its look and make it more functional is to buy bathroom lights that enhance the space and extraction fans that will keep it dry and make cleaning easier. Browse the selection of bathroom wall lights, overhead lighting and extractor fans from Just Bathroomware and complete your bathroom in style today.

Buy bathroom lights and extraction fans from Just Bathroomware

Whether you’re investing in a new bathroom for your forever home or just want to update the place you’re currently in to make it more practical and modern, you’ll find a variety of bathroom lights for sale to suit any budget in our collection.

Choose from a variety of bathroom lighting options from world-leading designer brands like Devon Devon, IXL TASTIC, Studio Bagno and more that will help create a welcoming ambience in any traditional or contemporary bathroom. From simple designs to ornate styles, you can find the right bathroom lights for sale in our online store.

Shop bathroom lights, extraction fans and so much more today

Whether you’re building a whole new bathroom or giving your existing one a much-needed makeover, you won’t find a better range of extraction fans and bathroom lights in Sydney than the collection at Just Bathroomware.

Carefully selected for their superior design, excellent value and lasting quality, our range of bathroom lights, extraction fans and heaters will ensure your bathroom is both a functional and beautiful space you can enjoy for years. Explore the entire range of quality bathroomware online today, or come in and see our friendly team at one of our physical stores conveniently located in Drummoyne and Crows Nest.



Will a wall sconce light suit my bathroom?

When choosing from a huge range of bathroom lights for sale on the market, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options available. Selecting the right bathroom lights for your Sydney property can feel confusing, but one great rule of thumb is to think about how different choices of bathroom accessories and fixtures will affect the way you experience and use the space.

If you like your bathroom to feel like a calming retreat from the busy world or enjoy taking your time with beauty routines, bathroom wall sconce lighting can be a great option. Especially when positioned next to your bathroom vanity mirror, they offer a softer, warmer lighting option than overhead lights and add a touch of character that can make a space feel more personal and character-filled.


What features should I look for in a bathroom heater, exhaust fan and light?

When choosing a combined bathroom heater, fan and light, the key to getting the right option is selecting a model that will effectively de-mist and heat your space.

At Just Bathroomware, we offer a range of heaters, fans and light bathroom fixtures to suit small, medium and large bathrooms. You’ll also find options with bright white lights, warm light options and easy plug-and-play installation options that make getting your new combination bathroom light set up with ease.


Do I need an exhaust fan in a small bathroom?

Depending on the windows and airflow in your bathroom, you may find that in a tiny space, a bathroom exhaust is not necessary. However, in cold weather, rain and darker bathrooms, an exhaust fan will help keep your bathroom dry, mould and mildew free and comfortable all year round. In our range, you’ll find bathroom exhaust fans to suit any space, whether big or small.