Ceramica Globo OPI Collection Product Launches in Australia 2021

Ceramica Globo Inspired by Life – New OPI Collection soon to be launched in the Australian market.

Always committed to interpreting new tastes and trends, Italian manufacturer Ceramica Globo looks to the future with continuous innovation of its processes and products. This requires the integration of different skills, from the design to engineering, from chemistry to logistics, from marketing to sociology. The company has always paid great attention to saving energy and protecting the environment.


OPI is a modern multiform furnishing system. It offers endless configurations for a variety of forms, dimensions, colours and materials. Thanks to colour and material essentiality it furnishes, in a distinctive way, every bathroom, from small to large.




Functional, and in the meantime decorative, the RING structure can be distinguished by its elegant simplicity.

It is available in two sizes. RING was born to accommodate two different recessed basins (60×41 and 37×37) from the T-Edge Collection.

The structure is made in steel, in a circular shape and powder coated. It is enriched by a lateral towel rail for the biggest version, and it has a frontal towel rail for the smallest one.

The lower surface and the CONSOLE BASIN make it suitable to decorate every space, both domestic and contract, with a strong personality.




Compact and linear, STRIPE was born to accommodate a selection of T-Edge wall-mounted/recessed basins with a rectangular shape.The STRIPE+ verson, as its name suggests, is enriched by a top in DEKTON of 20mm, which accepts a wide range of countertop washbasins from T-Edge collection. All T-Edge washbasins are available in Bagno di Colore, Le Pietre or in glossy white finishing. The top of the STRIPE+ structure, is available in three different colours: Keranium, Edora and Bromo. Realized in steel and powder painted, STRIPE can be fitted with two tempered glass shelves or with drawers in 45° section with push and pull opening, realized in MDF matt lacquered in one of the fourteen versions in Bagno di Colore. Boxes in the same color offer the possibility to accompany the drawers. STRIPE adecorate a modern bathroom with a strong personality and timelessness.



Soft and harmonic, BOB is a structure characterized by smooth and basic lines. The countertop, with his soft edges, is realized of 20mm DEKTON, a revolutionary material made in refined glass china and natural quartz. It is a technological material, used for his services for the new kitchen countertops too, that ensures a functional effectiveness and a considerable aesthetic: without porosity and so it is easy to clean, it is resistant to scratches and so it is durable over time.

The matte finishing is pleasant to the touch. The top is available in three differentfinishes: Keranium, Edora and Bromo.The BOB structure is made of a steel pow
der-coated rod which underlines his circular shape. It is structured for many countertop washbasins by Globo, available in Bagno di Colore, Le Pietre and in
white ceramic.There is the possibility to add a container drawer in 45° section, with push and pull opening system, in matt lacquer MDF in one of the 14 colours
Bagno di Colore.