Current Shower Trends You Need To Know About

To some people, a shower is a shower. However, did you know there is an extensive list of innovative and practical shower designs to suit everyone’s needs and lifestyle? If you are renovating a bathroom or looking for a new shower head to replace your existing rusty one, read the rest of this blog to see all the latest trends before running out to purchase a new shower.

Exposed Shower Systems

People want two functions in showers these days. The advantage of the exposed showers systems is having both the large overhead shower but also, having the flexibility of a riser shower going up and down a rail, similar to a tube style. These are perfect for multiple people using the one bathroom. Therefore, each individual can have their pick from the two shower heads. For example, some women may not want to wet their hair, so a shower rail coming from the roof or from the ceiling is often not suitable. If you want the ultimate flexibility, an exposed shower system is an option you may want to consider.

Flush Mounted Ceiling Showers

These are the opposite to the exposed shower systems, in the sense that the shower head is completely hidden as it is a square plate flush mounted up into the ceiling. These add a little magic to your bathroom if you are after a minimal, yet trendy shower. Just Bathroomware also colour code these to the ceiling, so even the ceiling itself is flush. If you want luxury, these ceiling showers can even go up to 1m by 1m! You will experience an incredible waterfall for a shower.

Double Shower

There are his and her basins, so why not shower heads? These are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. For those who have a single bathroom and hate the wait for their partner to finish using the shower, double shower heads are the solution to this problem. As for space, bathrooms are increasing in size. People are making bathrooms more of a feature. If you look at the trend many years ago, the bathroom was always a tiny room in the house that no one batted an eyelash at. Therefore, houses and bathrooms have evolved over time and a unique bathroom now, can help you stand out from the crowd.

Adjustable Shower Sprays

There are people who enjoy experimenting with the pressure and different types of sprays in the shower. For example, these are great for cleaning the space with the high-pressure jet spray, or you could enjoy a pulsating, massage-like spray when showering. These adjustable shower heads are a great option for large households who have different opinions and ways they would like to utilise the shower.


Just Bathroomware can help you find the right fit

If some of these trends have interested you and you would like to receive more information about the style, get in contact with Just Bathroomware. It is so important that when you are looking to purchase a new shower, that it comes with a warranty as there are moving components to the product. Thankfully, Just Bathroomware provides a 15 year warranty with all of their showers. They have a huge range of bathroomware from basins through to tapware. They also stock renowned and reliable brands that have been on the market for decades, such as Villeroy & Boch and Hansgrohe. Talk to a friendly staff member today about your next purchase.