Why buy a Heated Towel Rail for your bathroom?

Five reasons that spring to mind, why you should buy a heated towel rail for your bathroom.


1. Warm, Dry Towels In Cooler Months

There is nothing more luxurious than to step out of the bath or shower and reach for a warm dry towel to wrap around you and cosy into, especially now as winter is approaching.


2. Eliminate Bad Odours 

Damp towels can encourage microbial such as bacteria, fungi and moulds which can live on damp towels and results in bad odours.


3. Stay Healthy & Do Less Laundry

Especially in these Covid-19 times thorough hand washing is essential. If you stay on top of cleaning your hands and your towels regularly this is a great way of preventing the spread of germs. Drying towels completely between use, as well as the heat emitted from the heated towel rails lessens the chance of passing bacteria and viruses from one person to another.


4. Luxe Bathroom Accessory

Lets face it Heated Towel Rails and Ladders look fabulous!

Heated towel rails come in various designs, some have round, square or flat cross rails, a choice of contemporary to traditional designs. Keep in mind that the larger the surface area of the rails the more effective the drying. Models vary from wall mounted, floor mounted, floor to ceiling, horizontal or vertical individual rails, some with or without robe hooks.

Another consideration is the finish, depending on your bathroom design finishes vary from stainless steel, chrome and special finishes such as rose gold to black powder coated finish.


5. Programmable

The advantages of having a programmable timer of your Heated Towel Rail is it allows for automatically switching on and off as required for your personal lifestyle, it allows you to also adjust temperature for all seasons; this all leads to reducing energy consumption and cost savings.


The size of the heated towel rail depends on your space, try to choose a towel rail that can service the number of people using the bathroom without being over powering visually. If you don’t have a wide area you can choose a narrow high ladder. Towel rails come in many widths and heights, remember the more horizontal rails and the closer the rails are to each other, the more effective the drying will be.



QUALITY & TRUSTED BRANDS – With so many imported brands on the market quality, safety and serviceability are key factors. Trusted brands such as Hydrotherm, Avenir, Bathroom Butlerand Brodware manufacture quality products with a reliable after sales service and parts if required.


Hope this helps you decide whether you should buy a heated towel rail for your bathroom.