Brushed Brass Finish Tapware – An Increasing Bathroom Trend in 2020

Brushed Brass finish tapware seems to be an increasing bathroom trend for 2020. Brushed brass tapware adds an elegance, a romantic feel which can bring more impact to your bathroom design.


For many years chrome finish dominated tapware and accessories, in fact it was probably the only option available. Chrome is a hard wearing, incredibly durable and resists corrosion. With its consistently stylish looks, easy cleaning and pretty much suits any bathroom interior style, Chrome finish tapware and accessories will remain number 1 choice for most bathroom designers and renovators.


A brushed brass finish or other warm metal finishes such as bronze, copper and gold add a subtle glamour and warmth against natural stone and earthy elements, a timeless finish for both traditional and contemporary tapware styles.


InFinium PVD is an advanced PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) hard coating technique that Brodware Tapware use for some tapware finishes involving the transfer of metallic material at an atomic level. Resistant to tarnishing, abrasion, corrosion, UV radiation and discolouration, InFinium PVD also offers a high level of hardness and sets the benchmark on wear resistance.



There are many types of Brodware Tapware warm finishes to choose from:



With a delicate brushed texture, the Brushed Nordic Brass PVD provides a warm embrace, an elegant yet durable, tarnish resistant finish. The warm golden colour polished with a course wheel to give a fine lined finish, Brushed Nordic Brass PVD transitions into both classic, elegant and modern environments.



Radiant in its appearance, Brushed Swiss Brass PVD transmits a soft, warm reflection whilst providing a hint of champagne. A sophisticated finish offering a twist on its polished sister – it provides a beautiful counterbalance to rough and glossy surfaces. Brushed Swiss Brass PVD conveys a sense of vividness and refined elegance with hand directional brushwork.



Rich tones overlayed with subtle highlights ranging from ochre to sepia, characterize the luxury architectural Roma Bronze PVD finish. It accents deep, glowing earth tones and complements nearly every colour in the Brodware palette.




A harmonious dark finish with fine brush strokes, that radiates warmth, depth and originality. Hand brushed to capture the details of the old-world artistry, Statue Bronze PVD provides a look that complements a dark bathroom interior or enables imposing contrasts in a bright architectural setting.




Embracing any imagination, Brodware offers a variety of custom finishes that can be applied throughout our range. As an Australian luxury Bathroomware manufacturer, they offer this extra service to you, and are able to customise and combine these finishes with products in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Over 40 finishes including, brushed, polished and rumbled textures, and a suite of organic styles allow for multiple means of expression.