Stand Bath & Washbasin Inspired By Scandinavian Design

Norm Architects has created a collection of simple, minimalist bathroom and home furnishings for Ex.t, inspired by Scandinavian design tradition and influenced by the atmosphere of northern landscapes.


In line with soft minimalism, the characteristic style trait of the Danish studio, the collection consists of products that express a spatial sense of calm and rest. Geometric purity, simple naturalness and sober authenticity coexist in a perfect balancing act.



The first creation is the Stand bathtub, a true icon of the new collection in which the designers bring together the character, style and research of the collection itself. Next comes thewashbasin that takes the same name as the bathtub. To create Stand, Norm Architects took their inspiration from those lightweight and elegant cast iron details, typical of 1920s and 1930s interiors, that stylistically characterised the Victorian era and the subsequent Art Nouveau and Art Deco decades.


The bathtub reinterprets the classic tub with lion-shaped feet, while the washbasin is reminiscent of those plantpots used at the time in the luxuriant, thriving winter gardens. Stand products are manufactured using the innovative Living Tech® material, whose hi-tech features ensure it fits in perfectly with the elegant black metal structures that give a sense of lightness to the entire collection.


To create these two products, Jonas and Kasper worked by subtraction.“From the very beginning – explain the two designers – our goal was to create design objects that were beautiful and sculptural yet at the same time light and airy, in an industry sector, bathroom furnishings, which often tends to be dominated by visually heavy furnishing elements. In line with our minimalist philosophy, we tried to reinterpret the Modernist style of the 1920s and 30s, stripping it of its decorative excesses to reach the point where there is nothing more to add or take away in order to make the product better.”



Design by: Norm Architects
Manufacturer: Ex.t


Credit : Norm Architects