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2020 is the year for coloured toilet paper!

For some of you coloured toilet paper may have never crossed your mind until now, for others you may already be stocked up with coloured toilet paper in your home! Coloured toilet paper, of course, is not for everyone and will not suit every bathroom style or design, but it can be a nice touch to add to a unique and beautiful design bathroom space. Coloured toilet paper isn’t always bright neon colours, they can be soft and subtle to enhance the tones of your bathroom.

Many bathrooms that consist of natural earthy tones and modern appliances can often opt for a beige toilet roll, adding a unique touch to space. Or bathrooms with dark cabinets and deep coloured tiles can opt for a black coloured toilet roll, bringing the entire atmosphere together.

Let’s look at the top ways you can incorporate coloured toilet paper into your space.

Black Toilet Paper

Black toilet paper is one of the more common toilet papers besides white. Black toilet paper is considered to be an intuitive selection. It symbolizes Avantgarde creative work in a design perspective. Those with uniquely designed and sleek toilets or bathrooms would be ideal for black toilet paper. Black toilet paper boasts a luxury feel and can make your bathroom look like an award winning bathroom!

Red Toilet Paper

Red Toilet Paper is an out there colour, however, there is nothing more exciting than having something unique in your bathroom space. It may not be for design purposes, it may be for your kids. Colourful toilet paper is fun and funky! Your kids will love the bright colour and for those who are teaching their child to use the toilet, what better way to encourage them by the use of fun and playful toilet paper.

Pastel Toilet Paper

Pastel and soft toned toilet paper is a more suitable toilet paper for a range of bathrooms. Pastel toilet paper was a huge rage in the ’60s and ’70s but trends usually come back around and 2020 is the year. Pastel toilet paper is a softer option when it comes to coloured paper. Pastel and soft colours are appropriate for a range of bathroom spaces, whether it may be in an office or hotel room.

Is Coloured Toilet Paper Safe?

It is important to consider what toilet paper you are using. Recyclable toilet paper is safe, however, when purchasing coloured toilet paper, make sure you read the ingredients and materials used to create the paper. As technology is advancing, there are safer products and materials on the market that are accessible and therefore an increase in safe toilet paper. If you are ever unsure, contact the toilet paper brand.

Should I Use Coloured Toilet Paper for my home?

Coloured toilet paper is a fun way to make your home or even office a fun environment. Select from a broad range of colours including pinks, reds, blacks, purples, blues and even rainbow. If you have black Tapware such as Gessi Eleganza wall tap mixer, black toilet paper would complement the tones in your bathroom.

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