Top 5 Types of Luxurious Baths

Are you renovating or rebuilding your bathroom? If so, now is a great time to consider installing one of the following luxurious baths.


Circular baths are an excellent way to create instant visual impact. They can be made into the main feature piece of the room, capturing interest from guests and family members. Circular baths are not suitable for everyone as they require a substantial amount of space to fit comfortably. Spa jets can also be incorporated into the bath to replicate a resort style experience.


A glass bath is bound to impress anyone who enters your bathroom. The glass edge of the bath is almost completely invisible to the naked eye, creating the illusion of suspended water. Not only does this look amazing, it creates the impression that the room is larger than it actually is.


An outdoor bath is a true sign of luxury. With fantastic weather year round, an outdoor bath is a great addition to any Australian home. Carefully consider the design of the surrounding area, incorporating lush plants to provide natural privacy. Greenery will also help you recreate the look of a tropical, spa-style sanctuary.


Slipper baths are suited to both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. They can rest either on feet, or directly on the floor for a cleaner look. Slipper baths are characterised by high sides and raised ends, providing the user with a headrest to comfortably lean on.


A sunken structure definitely makes for one of the most luxurious baths. It allows the user to sink directly into the water, similarly to a luxury spa or pool. With a sunken bath, there are many considerations to take regarding physical construction limitations.

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