Top 5 Innovative Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Renovating your bathroom? Are you tired of all the boring, overdone lighting options? Fear not, here are 5 innovative bathroom lighting ideas to make your new washroom stand out from the crowd.


Using backlighting in your bathroom is an easy way to create a futuristic look. It works especially well when combined with translucent materials that allow the light to shine through. Oftentimes, the colour of the light can also be easily changed. This allows you to change the ambience of the room simply by switching up the colour of the light.

Layered Lighting

Lighting can have a dramatic impact on the ambience of a space so it is important to carefully choose fixtures according to their shape, style and vibrancy. It is a good idea to install different layers of lighting to maximise functionality of the room. Having a variety of lighting options will ensure that the room can be lit according to specific usages. For example, bright lights are suitable for makeup application whereas dim lights create a soothing ambience for long, relaxing bubble baths.


An easy way to disrupt the symmetry of your bathroom is by installing off-centre lighting rods. This will add a creative, asymmetric edge to the design of your bathroom. Extending the lighting fixtures past the mirror will also help illuminate your face from a variety of angles when applying makeup or shaving.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can be innovatively used to light a bathroom. It can be incorporated into ceiling or wall structures to provide lighting in an interesting way.

Statement Piece

Statement lighting is an excellent way to create dramatic impact in your bathroom. Shop around and take the time to choose a piece that complements the design and era of your bathroom.

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