6 Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Are you running out of space in your bathroom? Don’t panic, here are 6 easy storage ideas to keep your space tidy and organised in no time.

Above Toilet Space

The space above the toilet is often left unused, however, it is a great spot to keep miscellaneous items. Shelving or open baskets can easily be installed above the cistern, providing extra storage in small bathrooms.

Add a Ladder

A ladder can instantly add character to an otherwise plain jane bathroom. They look great when leant against a wall. This also minimises the amount of space they take up. When installing a ladder, make sure to attach it to the wall to prevent it from falling (and being a potential safety hazard). Decorate the ladder with pot plants and other colourful accents as you give your belongings a new home.

Bath Bookshelf

A bookcase is a great addition to the empty end of a built-in bath. When installed, this provides plenty of storage space. Make sure the bookshelf is securely attached to the wall before loading it up – the last thing you want is to be squashed while relaxing in the bath!

Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are a great way to capitalise on vertical space. They can be installed at any height you wish and don’t have to be limited to easy reach areas. Floating shelves that are placed higher up on walls can be used for storing items that aren’t frequently needed.

Hanging Buckets

Small buckets can be hung off towel rails to create a simple, effective storage solution. Personalised buckets are a great way to keep personal items hygienically separated.

Mirror Ledge

Choosing a mirror with a small ledge is a fantastic way to prevent a buildup of clutter on the basin edge of your sink. This prevents items from being splashed and wet.

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