Small bathroom? Think BIG with Duravit

Small floor plans do not mean you need to compromise on design freedom.

With a creative layout and high-quality designer products, guest bathrooms and cloakrooms can be transformed into oases of luxury. Where floor space is at a premium, the focus is on products in compact dimensions and their arrangement within the room.

Duravit also offers numerous toilets with a shorter projection. When space is tight, compact models from the ME by Starck with a more rounded design can provide a way to save valuable space.

Duravit Me by Starck compact toilet

Duravit SensoWash Shower-toilets require just as much space as conventional toilets, but add a refreshing touch of luxury to everyday life. On the SensoWash® Starck f model, the flat seat with a height of just 40 mm and the white cover behind it form a flush-mounted unit.

Duravit Sensowash Toilet from Just Bathroomware


In typical Duravit DuraSquare style, the additions to the range combine a practical feel and an elegantly pared-down design. The strict geometry of DuraSquare's square outer form flows smoothly into the soft, organic inner contour. The minimalist basins are made from the innovative DuraCeram® ceramic compound. This material makes it possible to create basins with extremely thin rims that are robust and extremely easy to care for.

Duravit Durasquare basins


Viu ceramics series and the XViu bathroom furniture range from sieger design point to the future of design. The post-industrial elegance of the pieces emerges from the interaction of soft, organic forms with a precise geometry. Light and dark stylistic features as well as exciting contrasts can be created through the selection of appropriate colors. Contrasts arise through the combination of Black Matt profiles with light shades, while champagne-colored profiles paired with white furniture surfaces lend the bathroom a gentle air.

Available as a wall-mounted or floor-standing, the metal console is really eye-catching and this model with the integrated shelf adds more storage space to a small bathroom.

Duravit XVui console basin
Duravit XViu Console basin black


The new patent-pending c-shaped technology in its expansion of the Happy D.2 Plus series by sieger design. This evolution of the patented c-bonded process guarantees that the ceramic washbasin and furniture run in perfectly parallel lines with no overhang or recess and a precise gap of 4 mm. Made entirely of DuraCeram® and specially finished, c-shaped has all the benefits of a ceramic glaze, such as ease of cleaning and robustness, whilst at the same time offering new scope for bathroom design.

The floor-standing, height-adjustable metal consoles with integrated towel rail can be delivered with an optional shelf or built-in drawer.


Duravit Happy D.2 Plus C-Bond white basin & console
Duravit Happy D.2 Plus C-Bond blak basin & console
The consistently rectangular look of Duravit Vero Air approves as highly elegant and long-lasting. One of our most extensive series, that ensures a wide range of options by its many different designs and surfaces. The Vero Air washbasins boast streamlined surfaces, small and exact radii, optimised proportions and narrow edges.
The striking metal frame in chrome showcases the proportions of the Vero Air ceramic basin perfectly. The sleek feet are height-adjustable, bars at the sides serve as towel holders.
Duravit Vero Air Console BasinDuravit Vero Air console basin chrome frame

When furnishing smaller bathrooms, a general rule applies: Detailed planning and limiting the materials and colors used to just a few, creates a calming, harmonious effect that is even more appealing.


Just Bathroomware knows the best bathroom product brands and features to look for

There are many different options available when choosing bathroom products and smart toilets for small spaces. 

While these options might seem overwhelming at first glance, the tips and advice for choosing your bathroom products will help you decide. Our friendly staff at Just Bathroomware can assist you to choose. Contact us today so you can create your bathroom oasis and get the most out of your small bathroom!