Duravit unique c-bonded & c-shaped technology - smooth and seamless

The "c-bonded" technology does not just look and feel impressive: DuraCeram®, the patented special ceramic that actually makes this precision and moulding possible, is particularly wear-resistant and sustainable.


The c-bonded technology

– was developed and patented by Duravit and is a unique and complex process to combine the ceramic of the washbasin and the furniture surface of the metal console unit.

the washbasin is bonded almost seamlessly to the furniture unit in a complex process. The material thickness of the washbasin is hidden from view and reduced to the precise rim that, at the transition between the cool, smooth ceramic and the natural structure of the wood, feels uniquely pleasant to the touch.

Whether square, round, or oval – Duravit bathroom series . A key factor here is not only the design aspect itself, but also translating that into a serial production process. This unique exactness is the product of sophisticated technologies such as c-bonded and c-shaped and special materials such as the innovative material DuraCeram®. 


DuraCeram®, is a further development in Duravit sanitary ceramic.

DuraCeram® is used in c-bonded technology. Here, the washbasin and furniture substructure are seamlessly connected with the highest precision. Thanks to the precise, perfectly fitting connection technology, ceramics and furniture merge into one unit, making c-bonded a visual and haptic experience.

This innovative material is made of predominantly the same raw materials (clay, kaolin, quartz and feldspar) using the same manufacturing process as sanitary ceramic, but with a different formula. DuraCeram® is poured into plaster or plastic molds (pressure casting process). The subsequent processing, for instance piercing tap holes, is done by hand. The glaze is made of quartz, gesso, feldspar and the mineral rock dolomite, and applied by hand or by glazing robots, depending on the model. The extremely high thermostability of the materials allows for firing temperatures of around 2336 °F (1280 °C).

DuraCeram® enables the production of washbasins with very thin walls and high levels of dimensional accuracy. This has added a new dimension in terms of the variety of forms possible, where the highest levels of elegance can be created without sacrificing quality, strength or ease of care.


Duravit unique c-bonded technology - DuraCeram® smooth and seamless

c-shaped – the next stage of precision

- Duravit drove forward the development of the patented c-bonded technology especially for Happy D.2 Plus. Factory manager Christian Gilles: “We wanted to achieve the same level of precision with a ceramic front as we achieve with the wooden front on c-bonded. The outcome is called c-shaped. This means the customer can opt either for a ceramic or furniture look.”

During the process, which is unique anywhere in the world, the ceramic basin is manufactured completely from DuraCeram® and worked using a special process which guarantees that the ceramic washbasin and furniture run in perfectly parallel lines with no overhang or recess, producing a precise gap of 4 mm.

Duravit c-bond Happy d.2 Plus


Duravit's has implemented the c-shaped technology in its expansion of the Happy D.2 Plus series by sieger design.

This evolution of the patented c-bonded process guarantees that the ceramic washbasin and furniture run in perfectly parallel lines with no overhang or recess and a precise gap of 4 mm. Made entirely of DuraCeram® and specially finished, c-shaped has all the benefits of a ceramic glaze, such as ease of cleaning and robustness, whilst at the same time offering new scope for bathroom design.

Duravit Happy D.2 Plus c-bonded and c-shaped console basin

Precise geometry and organic forms – What a Viu!

“From clear definition through to gentle curves – unmistakable transitions are characteristic of Viu/XViu” – this is how factory manager Christian Gilles described the series by Duravit and sieger design. He added: “They are features on all products of the series: we see them for example on the washbasin in the connection between the clear tap platform and the basin or on the bathtub from the edge of the tub to the inner wall. This produces a harmonious overall picture.” Recurring design elements such as the v-shaped side profiles are characteristic of the entire Viu/XViu program and produce a perfect straight-lined look from every angle.

Duravit XViu wash basin c-bonded

Precise edges thanks to an innovative ceramic formula. State-of-the-art firing processes and glazing techniques increase precision and produce an ever-more elegant design. The challenge in the manufacture of washbasins is to be able to realise thin edges while maintaining the same level of robustness.

Precise rims that are just 1/4" thick can be created with the material DuraCeram®. The patented material guarantees extreme accuracy and high strength. This results in an extraordinary design, without compromising on quality, robustness or ease of care.

Duravit viu wash basin and console
The highlight of the Viu/XViu series is a washing area variant based on the patented Duravit c-bonded technology. The exterior is precisely defined as a rectangle, while the interior features gentle organic curves with a spacious inner basin and generous shelf

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