Luxurious additions for your master bathroom

Bring the luxury of a five-star hotel in the tropics to your own home with these tips to rework your master bathroom.

A View

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with a stunning view, take full advantage of it when redesigning your bathroom. A wall to wall window can instantly make your space appear more luxurious. It allows plenty of natural light to flood in, whilst also providing visual interest with a view of the outdoors.

Bath in the Bedroom

Many luxury hotels boast ensuite rooms with the bathroom situated inside the main space. Having the bath in the bedroom can often stir controversy, however it is often perceived as highly luxurious.

Black and White

A black and white, achromatic colour scheme is stylish, elegant and timeless. A room with this colour combination will remain chic 5, 10 or even 20 years down the track.

Dual Shower

A dual shower instantly brings an added sense of luxury to any bathroom. With the installation of a double shower, enjoy relaxing in the ample space alone or with your partner.

Open Air

Open air bathroom designs are strongly reminiscent of tropical retreats and outdoor showers. They add an excellent luxurious touch, privacy permitting. Consider installing a sliding glass screen that can be closed when the weather is chilly and opened when the sun comes out to play.


No longer a distant idea in your mind, having a sauna installed is now a viable option for many individuals. A sauna can add a luxurious touch to your bathroom, providing you with the opportunity to partake in Nordic wintertime traditions in the comfort of your own home.


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