Create a blissful bathroom retreat with indoor plants

Wouldn’t you love to relax in an exotic spa-style sanctuary? Don’t have the time or money for a vacation to the tropics? Fear not, an easy and accessible way to bring the retreat to the comfort of your very own home is to incorporate a handful of indoor plants into your bathroom setup. These plants will instantly improve the ambience and atmosphere of the room, whilst simultaneously helping to purify the air.


Bold Plants

Installing a bold plant is a simple yet highly effective method of creating a focal centrepiece in your bathroom. Plants such as philodendron are a great choice as they allude to tropical sanctuaries with their luscious, green leaves. These plants also thrive in humid environments, making them a perfect choice for steamy bathroom conditions.



No tropical rainforest is complete without a soft bed of ferns underfoot. These lush, rainforest staples are perfect for adding a healthy pop of colour to your bathroom. Many ferns will need consistent moisture to survive, however they will enjoy living in spots with both shade and filtered sunlight.


Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a fantastic choice for small, inner city apartments. They add character and personality whilst leading the viewer’s eye towards the ceiling. This creates a greater sense of space, helping to make a small bathroom seem larger. Plants such as Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureumcan also add visual interest if draped across fixtures or shelves.


Spiky Plants

The bold spikes of the Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) create a stunning contrast against the clean lines that are popular in contemporary interior design. The large scale of the plant is also extremely useful as it can act as a screen and conceal unsightly areas.



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