Bathroom organisation & storage tips

Family bathrooms are high traffic areas with people coming in and out almost all the time. As a result, the space can quickly become cluttered if an organisation system is not put in place. Here are some easy tips that will help keep your bathroom neat, tidy and functional.


Declutter the vanity

Try to keep your toiletries to a minimum. Many of us are guilty of keeping miscellaneous items and bath sets we never use, only to let them sit and collect dust. This creates unnecessary clutter that is unpleasant and messy to look at. Set aside some time and have a thorough clean out of the area, only keeping products and items that are frequently used. It is also beneficial to keep only a few key products out on the vanity, with the rest hidden away in storage.


Display matching towels

A simple way to spruce up the bathroom and make the space seem more luxurious and organised is to have matching spare towels. Having a dedicated space to keep these creates a spa-like effect, emulating the setup of a salon in the comfort of your own home.  


Get rid of jewellery piles

Sink basins always seem to act like magnets for jewellery, watches and other small valuables. These can quickly pile up, creating a cluttered space that is unappealing to look at. It is also easy to lose small items such as earrings if they are kept in this manner. There are a range of more appropriate storage methods for jewellery, some of which include keeping a small ring dish or hanging up statement pieces.


Make use of storage

The most effective way to keep a bathroom clean and organised is to employ the use of storage. Permanent storage solutions are a great way to organise cleaning products, toiletries and even hide visible plumbing systems.



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