TECE lux In Wall Toilet – The toilet of the future

TECE was founded in 1955 and its roots lie in practice: The corporate group originated from an engineering office – and the typical engineering culture of asking questions has continued in the company until today: Can this be made better, faster, easier – more attractive? TECE is a mid-size, family-managed company characterized by the people involved. The corporate culture is one of long-term, controlled growth – with a philosophy of closeness to the customer.


Spotlight on the TECE lux in wall toilet terminal

Press and flush was yesterday. The toilet of today can do so much more: Rinse and blow dry, purify the air, and flush automatically. But often, the aesthetics are sacrificed for this additional hygiene and comfort. TECE has now created a form that unites all functions. The technology disappears behind the wall, and all that is visible is a flat facing made of white safety glass.

TECElux is the terminal for all toilet functions of today – and tomorrow.


Design & technology

The TECElux toilet terminal places the system components behind the wall, where they can’t be seen. An extremely flat glass facing closes the inspection opening and conceals the cistern, connections for water and power and, depending on the version, an odour trap or height adjustment for the ceramics. With its simple aesthetics, TECElux blends in with the architecture of any bathroom. The terminal’s large glass surface consists of two parts that give the appearance of a single unit. The glass facing serves as a splash guard for the wall and therefore means the wall does not have to be tiled. The toilet terminal can be combined with practically any ceramics and even with shower toilets.


TECElux “sen-Touch” – A flush button like pure magic

At first glance, it’s simply a glass plate. But as you get closer, the outlines of the flush buttons start to light up. The function becomes clear: A slight touch with the fingertips is all that is needed to actuate a large or small flush – very close (approx. 10 mm) and you don’t need to touch it at all. The programming options of the sen-Touch electronics enable the advanced version of TECElux to be adapted to individual needs and a range of requirements.

Programmable functions:

  • Sensor’s recognition range
  • Illumination brightness of the display
  • Hygiene flushing
  • Safety flush
  • Subsequent odour extraction
  • Odour extraction intensity
  • Cleaning function


TEElux “ceramic-Air” – Fresh air without ventilation

The newly developed “ceramic-Air” air purification system operates invisibly, quietly and without intrusive cover-up fragrances. The air purification system uses a new kind of ceramic activated carbon filter. Odours are extracted where they occur and the purified air is fed back into the room. There is no need for additional fresh air that first has to be heated. The filter only has to be replaced every five years. When a person approaches, the system starts, and stops automatically after a short follow-on time. This avoids unnecessary power consumption.

Extra quiet or full power: The fan strength can be adjusted to a number of levels.


TECElux “m-Lift” – The toilet for short and tall

TECElux “m-Lift” enables the height of the toilet ceramics to be adjusted at any time, even after installation. The ceramics do not have to be removed. The height of the ceramics can be continuously adjusted in an 8 centimetre range with an adjusting spindle. The glass front moves with the ceramics, so the overall appearance is not marred by joints or gaps.


TECElux “smart-Connect” – Open for all technologies

The new toilet terminal takes equal account of aesthetic and functional factors: TECElux integrates the system components in the pre-wall module invisibly and safely. The large inspection opening is covered by a flat glass facing that permits quick access to the system parts behind it at any time. As an open interface between the toilet functions and bathroom architecture, the toilet terminal can be combined with almost any ceramics, including shower toilets.

Open for all future technologies: Water, waste water, electrics, height adjustment and the filter solution are housed here.


Find TECElux Toilet Terminal here