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Everything You Need To Know About Smart Toilets.

The ‘smart home’ revolution is sweeping the globe, with millions of people adopting clever technology that can make daily life a little simpler. This technology ranges from pre-programmable air conditioning units to voice activated lighting to wireless security systems.

An area of the so-called smart home which is often overlooked is the humble bathroom. Just as we can ask Alexa to open our blinds in the living room, we can now also enjoy the conveniences of touchless tapware, waterproof TVs and baths you can pre-program to fill. In keeping with this prevalent trend of smart home technology, smart toilets are fast becoming a hot ticket item.

The concept of smart toilets originated in Japan and they have been widely used in society for around 20 years. Historically referred to as a washlet, basic smart toilet models are a combination of a ‘Western’ style toilet and a bidet. They have simple controls for adjusting water and air pressure.

Thanks to our love of intercontinental travel and technology, smart toilets have recently surged in popularity in both the United States and Australia. And as all technology has continued to rapidly advance, so have the features and functions seen in modern smart toilets. They now represent much more than a combined toilet and bidet.


First, here’s a quick rundown on traditional bidets

Bidets have historically been a plumbing fixture completely separate to a toilet. A classic bidet is a miniature, bathtub-like unit with taps on one end. The user straddles themselves over it and a stream of water is used to perform a similar function to toilet paper.

Simple and hygienic to use, bidets offer a number of benefits and have been used in home bathrooms all over the world for centuries, particularly in Europe. They are also commonly installed in hospitals. People with certain medical issues, as well as women who have just given birth, find them much more comfortable to use.

While many appreciate the gentleness and level of hygiene that bidets offer, there are some drawbacks. For example, one must ‘dry off’ after use, they can be difficult for children or the elderly to use and they represent another thing to keep clean in the bathroom.

With the invention of smart toilets, all the benefits of a bidet can now be enjoyed without any of the drawbacks.


Argent Evo Wall Faced Smart Toilet


Everything You Need To Know About Smart Toilets

The modern smart toilet

With a modern smart toilet, the user does their business as per normal, then rather than using toilet paper or moving to a separate bidet to clean themselves, they use the toilets’ rear and/or front water nozzle features. Air nozzles then dry off the user. The water and air functions can be activated using buttons on a control panel attached to the toilet or via remote control, depending on the model.

Common features across different brands and models typically include:

  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • Adjustable air drying temperature and pressure
  • Soft closing seats

Basic smart toilet models are characterised as hygienic, comfortable, convenient and gentle however if you’re looking for a touch of luxury there are also more advanced models on the market. Advanced smart toilets come with many additional features for optimal personal wellness, such as:

  • Heated seats with adjustable temperature controls
  • Adjustable water pulsating settings
  • Self cleaning nozzles
  • Rimless hygienic flush
  • Touchless or automatic flushing using presence detection sensors
  • Ability to pre-set different user preferences via remote control
  • Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities
  • Automatic opening seat
  • Night light

Voice activation controls are also being developed and are well on their way to becoming available in the near future. Models with this type of technology would completely eliminate the need for the user to touch anything at all when going to the toilet for the most hygienic experience possible.


Argent Evo Wall Hung Smart Toilet


Smart toilet aesthetics

Smart toilet designs of the past had a somewhat bulky appearance with visible nozzles and chunky control panels. These days, designs are much more streamlined and look almost identical to a normal modern toilet. Many leading brands aim for a sleek and seamless aesthetic in their designs. This approach lends most models on the market to both classic and contemporary interior styles, with the smart toilet seamlessly integrating into any bathroom.


5 quick benefits of installing a smart toilet in your home

  1. Hygiene – due to the wash-and-dry function, rimless technology and other automated and hands-free functions, smart toilets are deemed more hygienic than the average toilet.
  2. Sustainability – compared with traditional toilets, smart toilets use less water as no toilet paper is used, meaning less waste to flush (no double flush). Additionally, they help you reduce your carbon footprint as they drastically reduce the amount of toilet paper you need to buy.
  3. Comfort – smart toilets make the chore of going to the bathroom more enjoyable, no matter the temperature or time of day.
  4. Maintenance – without the risk of toilet paper becoming clogged, you can worry less about overall maintenance. Furthermore, if toilet paper is used, some models help avert an overflow by preventing you from flushing when there’s a clog.
  5. Cleaning – your cleaning routine is made easier in models that have self cleaning nozzles, rimless flushing and superior glazing.


There you have it, Everything You Need To Know About Smart Toilets!


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