Four Bathroom Trends for 2021 - Just Bathroomware

As 2020 draws to a close, the relationship with our home has become more distinct – for better or for worse. While we are at home more often than ever before, we may be looking at our home in a different light, perhaps giving us that extra time or desire to remodel and renew the space. In particular, our bathroom. In this guide, we kick off this year with some notable bathroom trends should you decide to incorporate fresh pieces.

Minimalistic & Clean Lines

Minimalistic design never goes out of fashion. More importantly, it makes our space feel less cluttered, we feel less anxious and overall, improves our mental wellbeing. So how can you change up your bathroom to become more minimalistic? We recommend keeping the palette neutral – think less printed wallpaper and more emphasis on textures such as a quartz stone countertop or brushed metal tapware. Minimal doesn’t have to be boring, it can be unique in the finer details. Floating vanities are a fantastic way to incorporate minimal design in your bathroom while looking sleek and contemporary

Our Pick: Platinum Wall Hung Vanity by Rifco


Twin Basins (His & Her’s)

Another trend that became increasingly popular was adding a second basin on the single vanity. Previously, this design was usually seen in luxurious bathrooms or those that could afford to fill out extra space. Though, as of recently, twin basins are becoming more common in the average house. It will give you a sense of personal space and allows you to have ample storage for all your toiletries below.

Our Pick: Artis Oval Counter Top Basin by Villeroy & Boch



Backlit LED Mirrors

With the rise of ring lights in the past year and the need for makeup-perfect lighting, it makes sense that backlit bathroom mirrors are here to stay. Not only is it useful for the midnight bathroom trips, but it also creates a beautiful environment when lit. It is important to note that when purchasing a new mirror for your bathroom, we strongly suggest purchasing one that is specifically designed for wet/humid environments as regular mirrors will not be able to withstand the moisture and will begin to break down over time. There has been a rise in technological advancements in bathroom mirrors incorporating innovative features such as infrared sensors and de-fogging functionalities.

Our Pick: Tondo Bathroom Mirror by Parisi



Coloured Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths became increasingly popular over the past year. However, we are starting to see these freestanding baths in bold, statement colours. Anything from matte black to printed, bathtub manufacturers are offering incredible options to suit almost every bathroom and personal preference. Concerned about how you can incorporate a coloured bathtub? Picture a black bathtub, copper tapware and white marbled countertops, this colour combination is sure to ‘wow’ your visitors. Adding houseplants and greenery will also balance the copper and black.

Our Pick: Edge Freestanding Bath by Victoria + Albert



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