Regular Mirrors vs Bathroom Mirrors – The Differences You Need to Know About

Chances are you are thinking about a bathroom renovation or you are currently in the middle of a makeover, needless to say that in addition to the fittings and accessories, you will need a new bathroom mirror as well. We are here to answer your questions on features that distinguish a bathroom mirror from a normal mirror that you might use in a bedroom.

How Are Bathroom Mirrors Different from Regular Mirrors?

Under government and building codes, glazing for bathroom fittings such as shower doors, windows, and even mirrors, must meet general safety requirements. To put it another way, the glass used in bathroom mirrors are required to be produced from tempered glass, which is a special form of glass that will not shatter into a thousand pieces if broken.


Physical Differences Between Regular and Bathroom Mirrors

Mirror Structure

Bathroom mirrors generally come in three types – with shelves, with or without a medicine cabinet. Many people go for a medicine cabinet as this gives you the option to store away things you typically use in a bathroom like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Mirror Size

Unlike regular mirrors, the size of a bathroom mirror needs to suit the size of the sink vanity. For instance, using a bathroom mirror that is too big will make the space look clunky and on the other side, choosing a mirror that is too small will have you leaning against the vanity to see yourself.

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Can You Use A Regular Mirror as A Bathroom Mirror?

The short answer is no – notably if you live in a humid or wet climate, using a regular mirror as a bathroom mirror is not recommended. The number one reason for this is because the bathroom is a place that experiences high moisture and steam, and a regular mirror cannot cope in this humidity. Over time, a regular mirror installed in the bathroom will deteriorate around the frame from moisture damage especially if it has wood or metal framing.


What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Mirrors?

Wall Bathroom Mirror

With a traditional wall bathroom mirror, there are options to consider with the shape and size. Rectangular and round vanity mirrors are some of the more popular shapes of bathroom mirrors and additionally, if you have two sink vanities, you can opt for double mirrors.

The wide variety of wall bathroom mirrors makes them a perfect option for all different budgets.

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Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are a great option when there are limited light sources available, where LED lights are built into the mirror helping to light up the bathroom.

Many of these illuminated mirrors also include useful auto-demisting technology, where the mirror surface eliminates the steam from your shower solving the need to wipe down the fog.

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Need Help Deciding on Which Bathroom Mirror to Purchase?

Choosing a bathroom mirror may be a tough decision, particularly if you want the mirror to last awhile and also improve the ambience of the space. Just Bathroomware has showrooms in Crow’s Nest and Drummoyne and are available to answer any questions you may have regarding bathroom mirrors or other bathroom products such as baths, basins and toilets. Our friendly team have years of experience and are highly knowledgeable on our wide range of quality bathroom ware brands so please feel free to reach out with any enquiries.