Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?

And what are the differences between these classic traditional ceramic kitchen sinks.


There actually is an interesting history about how these sinks evolved. In Victorian times in London and other English cities the more affluent homes had Butlers. Butlers did the dish washing in the sink which was located in the scullery, which was usually a room at the back of the house where all the dirty housecleaning chores were carried out.

These sinks were made of naturally occurring Fireclay which was readily available in the area. Fireclay is a heavy, durable and nonporous material that can withstand high impact and when glazed these sinks are scratch and heat resistant, and easy to clean.

When these ceramic fireclay sinks became increasingly more popular in England regulations regarding installation were put in place because at the time some cities had a lack of fresh running water. Sinks were not allowed to have overflows and also had size restrictions such as depth and width. These regulations were put in place to restricted the volume of water used to control water consumption and conserve water. These sinks were commonly referred to as Butler Sinks.


Where as in Ireland fresh running water was abundant, so they did not have the water restrictions and regulations of England. The sinks in Ireland were deeper and had overflows, allowing for sinks to be replenished with fresh water and avoid flooding the kitchen. Hence the two different styles of sinks developed the, Irish sink referred to as the Belfast Sink.


Meanwhile in France their local clay was much finer than that of the UK, so their sinks had much thinner walls which gave the sinks a more elegant refined, less chunky look. The French sinks are typically wider and deeper allowing for washing of large items and even babies! These sinks are referred to as Farmhouse Sinks.


These differences are not commonly known, so usually these beautiful artesian handcrafted glazed fireclay sinks are generically referred to as Butler Sinks which look fabulous in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry, a quality focal point that complements contemporary and traditional design styles. Today they are available in various shapes and sizes, single or double bowls. These sinks are classically smooth fronted or with the traditional ribbed front, which ever you choose you will be adding a timeless classic to your room that you will enjoy for years to come.

Below are Some of the Best Butler, Belfast and Farmhouse Ceramic Fireclay Sink Brands



When Shaws of Darwen was founded in the closing years of the 19th century, their vision was to make the finest handcrafted fireclay sinks in the whole of England. Today, some 120 years on, that vision has been more than realised; Shaws now enjoys, not only a national, but a worldwide reputation for the beauty, quality and craftsmanship. Immensely proud of our heritage, and the fact that our sinks are still handcrafted at our premises in the same quiet corner of North West England. Every handmade Shaws sink carries an impression on its base of the name of the master craftsman who created it. This, along with our Certificate of Authenticity, is your assurance that your investment has been handcrafted for life.

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Since 1748, Villeroy & Boch has been synonymous with premium quality ceramics. A Villeroy & Boch ceramic sink allows you enjoy all the benefits of this quality in your own home. Their ceramic kitchen sinks are made entirely from natural materials and impress with their outstanding durability in everyday use. The secret is the high-quality finish applied to the ceramic, making it easy to care for and very resistant to impacts and scratches. At Villeroy & Boch, you will find a wide range of sink models to suit your personal requirements: from corner sinks to built-in basins, flush-fitting sinks or undermount models, an extensive selection of bowl shapes and sizes ensures the perfect solution for the available space and layout – to ensure harmoniously coordinating kitchen design.


Why Villeroy & Boch?  Villeroy & Boch’s ceramic sinks combine outstanding design with innovative features.

Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?

Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?Resistant to scratches and cuts

The high-quality ceramic surfaces are specially treated to make them durable and strong. Even knives barely leave a trace in these sinks.

Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?

You can place hot pots, baking dishes or oven trays on the ceramic sinks with complete peace of mind.



Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?Hygienic and food-safe

 Our ceramic kitchen sinks are made of 100% natural materials that are completely food-safe, odour- and taste-neutral.

Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?
Very easy to clean

The sink bowls are treated with CeramicPlus, which repels water and dirt and ensures your ceramic sink is always easy to clean.


Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?

Acid-resistant Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?

Acidic foods or harsh cleaning products leave no traces on the ceramic sinks from Villeroy & Boch.


Resistant to impacts

The ceramic sink material is resistant to shocks and impacts that are common during everyday kitchen tasks.



Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?Stain resistant Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?

Whether foods, limescale or cleaning products: no lasting stains form on high-quality Villeroy & Boch kitchen ceramics.

Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?
Wide variety of models and colours

Villeroy & Boch offers corner sinks, undercounter sinks and other ceramic sink models for individual kitchen design.



Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?


Fine Fireclay Sinks

Turner Hastings hold one of the largest ranges of quality fine fireclay European sinks on the Australian market. Their sink range includes: single and double butler sinks which can be installed as above counter or recessed; Laundry sinks with integrated scrub-boards; and Drop in and under counter sinks. Fine Fireclay sinks are double glazed making them more durable than stainless steel.


Fine Fireclay Features and Benefits

  • Fine fireclay is fired at a higher temperature than standard ceramic so the glazing is fused to the clay, making it more durable
  • Higher hot and cold temperature tolerance than standard ceramic
  • Absorbs impact better than standard ceramic
  • Much more hygienic than stainless steel and is easier to clean
  • Is manufactured with greater consistency than standard ceramics
  • All sinks are double glazed making them more durable
  • Highly stain, scratch, and chemical resistant
  • Maintains glossy finish throughout the life of the sink
  • Maintains a consistent white  finish throughout the life of the sink unlike most ceramics manufactured in Asia
  • Is manufactured with greater consistency than most ceramics manufactured in Asia, ensuring straight, at edges, clean lines and no pin holes
  • Basket wastes included with every sink.


Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Farmhouse which are the best brands?



Over the course of history, France has become synonymous with rich culture and strong heritage which is embodied through the spirit of Chambord. The desire for beautiful French craftsmanship is expressed through each product, from design to manufacturing and from raw materials to the finished product. Chambord have been using the same techniques, precision and pride since 1896. Bringing their product into your kitchen, you are bringing a piece of history and prestige.

These kitchen sinks are made with ceramic, which is an ideal material for the kitchen. It’s easy to clean, insensitive to temperature and effortlessly hygienic. Chambord sinks are statement as well as an object of utility at home in the grandest of kitchens.


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