The Best Heated Towel Rail Brands

In the past many believed that a heated towel rail was a luxury and not an essential bathroom installation, but over the years this sentiment has changed. When planning your new bathroom, heating and drying your towels should be just as important a consideration as your new Vanity or Toilet.


Heated towel rails are not only a beautiful lux bathroom accessory, they have many practical benefits. In a smaller bathroom larger size towel rails are capable of not only drying your towels but also heating the room. Some heated towel rails have programmable timer controls so you can set the heated towel rails to switch on and off as required so you can dry and have warm towel in winter or in a humid hot area or time of year, just dry your towel so they don’t remain damp and breed germs, mould or bad odours. This means less washing and tumble drying which makes heated towel rails more eco friendly and energy saving in the long run.

Most Heated Towel Rails are fluid filled either by water or oil with an internal element, when switched on the element heats up and transfers the heat via convection to the fluid which in turn heats up the rails.


Things to consider when choosing a Heated Towel Rail:


Hard Wired or Plug In – If you a building a new bathroom or renovating an existing bathroom ideally you want to design your new bathroom where the heated towel rail is hardwired and electrical connections are concealed for a clean minimal look. If you are adding a heated towel rail to an existing bathroom then a plug in model would be your best choice.


Dual Entry Electrical Connections – A quality brand heated towel rail should allow for left and right hand electrical connections for optimum placement in your bathroom.


SIZE – The size of the heated towel rail depends on your space, try to choose a towel rail that can service the number of people using the bathroom without being over powering visually. If you don’t have a wide area you can choose a narrow high ladder. Towel rails come in many widths and heights, remember the more horizontal rails and the closer the rails are to each other, the more effective the drying will be.


PROGRAMMABLE – The advantages of having a programmable timer allows for automatically switching on and off as required for your personal lifestyle, it allows you to also adjust temperature for all seasons; this all leads to reducing energy consumption and cost savings.


DESIGN – Heated towel rails come in various designs, some have round, square or flat cross rails, a choice of contemporary to traditional designs. Keep in mind that the larger the surface area of the rails the more effective the drying. Models vary from wall mounted, floor mounted, floor to ceiling, horizontal or vertical individual rails, some with or without robe hooks. Another consideration is the finish, depending on your bathroom design finishes vary from stainless steel, chrome and special finishes such as rose gold to black powder coated finish.


QUALITY & TRUSTED BRANDS – With so many imported brands on the market quality, safety and serviceability are key factors. Trusted brands such as Hydrotherm, Avenir and DCS manufacture quality products with a reliable after sales service and parts if required.




Hydrotherm sets the standard in heated towel rail design. All Hydrotherm heated towel rails are manufactured entirely from copper tube and solid brass fittings, before being finished in the highly durable electroplated chrome. Copper Tube, renowned for its high thermal conductivity, allows greater heat transfer
to your towels, ensuring they dry quickly and evenly.

Hydrotherm’s innovative heating elements are immersed in water to ensure a consistent temperature across each rail. All heating elements are thermostatically controlled to maintain the external temperature without the need to continually draw power.

Electric, hydronic, and non-heated models are available in a number of different sizes and finishes to suit any individual bathroom or laundry design specification. Hydrotherm’s innovative heating elements are immersed in water to ensure a consistent temperature across each rail. All heating elements are thermostatically controlled to maintain the external temperature without the need to continually draw power.
With a number of different ranges to choose from to suit your bathroom requirements from the TR SeriesTube SeriesFloor to CeilingSwivelB Series and Freestanding rails.


• 100% Australian made & owned                                                          • Lifetime product
• Easily replaceable heating elements                                                   • Solid brass fittings
• Power entry interchangeable                                                               • All models available in heated or non heated
• Custom made designs and finishes                                                    • Powdercoated models produce 30%more heat
• Copper Tube for optimal heat transfer                                              • Water filled,with heating immersion element
• Low wattage for high energy efficiency                                            • Chrome plated mirror finish
The Best Heated Towel Rail Brands


Beautifully designed and constructed with the up most in quality and innovative engineering. Avenir established in 2000, suppliers of fine bathroomware.

With 90% of the bathroom products manufactured at their Australian state of the art facility based in Hornsby NSW, they also source small functional components from China under their strict quality requirement standards to keep prices competitive.

Avenir products include Heated towel rails and ladders, solo individual rails and number of Bathroom Accessory Collections such as ABOVEBEYONDTAGOARTIZENZYLOPLUSMINUSand UNIVERSAL just to mention a few. Bathroom accessories such as Toilet Roll Holders, Soap Dispensers, Robe Hooks, Towel Rinds and Rails, Toilet Roll Holders, Soap Racks and Dishes to Bathroom Shelves in complete collections- most covered by a 10-year warranty.

Avenir are environmentally responsible and work hard to minimise their carbon footprint wherever possible, initiatives include – supporting their factory’s energy use with a 10KW solar array, using stainless steel instead of chrome-plated brass wherever possible, creating Hybrid Heated Towel Ladders with 25% less energy use, and always looking at alternative ways of chrome plating without the use of harmful chemicals used in electroplating processes.



The Best Heated Towel Rail Brands     Avenir Solo Towel Rails (Heated Only)


DCS, the original stainless steel heated towel rail designer and manufacturer now presents a vast range of premium heated towel rails fabricated in stainless steel and glass.  DCS Towel Rails and ladders are a great choice if you are searching for originality, high quality custom ladders and rails and durability.

The DCS brand definitely sets the trends that others follow. Elegant, efficient and innovative, DCS heated towel rails incorporate stylish and functional design and are a beautiful addition to any new or renovated bathroom environment. DCS is the pinnacle of heated rail design and manufacture, proving that stunning design, functionality, durability and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Manufactured in New Zealand and Australia. The majority of the range is now also available in a durable matte black and matte white finish.

DCS design and manufacture heated towel rails and ladders, from raw materials available locally in the Australian and New Zealand market place. DCS is committed to manufacturing in the local economy and does not engage in the import and distribution of product assembled offshore. DCS do not use offshore partners to partially or full assemble any part of any heated towel rail that they manufacture.


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