4 Easy Steps to a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

Is your bathroom covered in grit? Don’t worry, simply follow these 4 steps to ensure you have a sparkling clean bathroom.

Clean Ceiling

Walls and ceilings are often the most neglected parts of a room, however, they can easily accumulate mounds of dust and cobwebs if left untreated. A crucial part of your cleaning routine is to wipe down the ceiling and all four walls. A dry microfibre mop is a good option if your bathroom isn’t affected by mould. Having clean surfaces will make all the difference in ensuring you have a clean bathroom that’s ready for use anytime.

Grime-free Grout

Ever taken a look at the grout between your tiles? Is it terribly dirty and covered in a thick layer of grime? If so, don’t despair. Simply get to work with an old-school mix of hot soapy water or vinegar and baking soda. Your bathroom tiles will be in great shape and ready for display in no time!

Showerhead Soak

Have you taken a look at the condition of your showerhead in the last few months? Didn’t think so. Showerheads can become surprisingly dirty very quickly – they accumulate grime and taint the water that you use for showering. Doesn’t sound too pleasant, does it? To ensure you have a sparkling clean bathroom, it’s a good idea to clean your showerhead periodically. A good method is to soak your shower rose in white vinegar overnight then simply rinse it thoroughly the next morning.

Steam Clean

Is your bathroom full of nasty stains that won’t budge? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that steam can be a great help when it comes to cleaning time. Simply spray everything with an all-purpose cleaner – walls, tiles, shower screens and all, then turn your shower to the hottest setting. Let the water run for a few minutes until steam builds up and fills the room. Close the door and let it stand for a few more minutes, then enjoy how easy it is to achieve a clean bathroom.

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