How to Personalise Your Rental Bathroom

Do you feel an urge to renovate your bathroom? Can’t do this as you live in a rental? Don’t worry, here are a few ways you can easily personalise your rental bathroom without worrying about causing permanent damage.

Adjust Your Attitude

Before you get stuck thinking that your bathroom is beyond repair, it’s a good idea to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Reality is, you probably can’t change the tiling or fixtures of your bathroom if it’s a rental. It’s important to acknowledge that this is okay and that you can work around it. A positive attitude will help immensely in the long run.

Art on the Walls

You don’t have to be an art connoisseur to adorn your walls with beautiful work. Shop around, support local artists or take your pick from the large range of prints available online. Having art that you chose will help to create an ambience that you’re comfortable with and enjoy.

Rug it Up

Rugs are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour and style without creating permanent change. This is great news, especially in a rental environment. If you have floors that you don’t particularly like, a good idea would be to invest in an oversized rug to hide the original floor. Be sure to have a non-slip backing on the rug to prevent it from being a safety hazard.

Sharp Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is one of the easiest items to switch out in your bathroom. It acts like a canvas and backdrop for the room, providing you with the opportunity to make a bold style statement.

Sink Skirt

Struggling to look at the unsightly cupboards underneath your sink? Perhaps it’s worth installing a sink skirt. This can help to hide the cabinetry and tie the style in with your shower curtain.

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