Top 5 Things to Consider Choosing a Bathroom Mirror

Are you in the midst of renovating your bathroom? Yet to choose a bathroom mirror? Here are five important aspects you should consider.


Will your mirror/s be adjustable? This is super important to consider, especially if you will be using the mirror for makeup or grooming purposes. Having an adjustable mirror is very helpful if you want to see your face or hair from several different angles, allowing you to achieve the perfect look. If you’re highly invested in your vanity space, it may also be a good idea to install multiple mirrors, for examples a close-up mirror or light up border.


Have you thought about the positioning of your mirrors? Will they be placed in the typical spot above the basin? Or will you try hanging them in unique and interesting positions? Mirrors that are placed in unusual spaces will help to capture the attention of anyone walking in your bathroom.


How many mirrors will you have in your new bathroom space? Will one large mirror suffice or will you opt for a series of mirrors? Have a think about the number of mirrors you need for your bathroom to be functional. However, even if only one mirror is necessary, it can be nice to have multiple. Twin mirrors look great when placed above twin basins. This highlights the fixtures, turning them into a focal point of the bathroom.


The shape of your mirror/s is an important aspect to consider as it can easily affect the style of your bathroom. A round, porthole shape is a good choice for any classic or contemporary design – just make sure it’s large enough so it doesn’t visually diminish the size of your bathroom. Rectangles and other geometric shapes are also great for contemporary designs.

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