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If you are asking yourself what is a Bidet Toilet? Well, you are not alone.

Bidet toilets are toilets with integrated washlets they are electronic bidet toilet seats or complete suites that use a water cleansing system that leaves you feeling clean, refreshed and rejuvenated. The smart bidet shower toilet reduces the need for toilet paper with its multi-functional cleansing experience. You’re able to tailor your use by using a control panel to adjust the temperature of the seat, water and warm air as well as the nozzle position. Some models includes an automatic deodorisation function to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. This bidet toilet attachment is a neat solution for effective hygiene, without wasting natural resources. 

Bidets were always a stand alone unit in European bathrooms, a plumbing fixture completely separate to a toilet. A classic bidet is a miniature, bathtub-like unit with taps on one end. The user straddles themselves over it and a stream of water is used to perform a similar function to toilet paper.

Bidet Toilets, also known as Shower Toilets and Smart Toilets, are a combined toilet with a built-in bidet function enabling you to remain seated on the toilet after use and clean using an automated spray wand that showers warm water to provide a personal wash. Duravit Sensowash, Argent ViSmart and Evo, Gallaria and TOTO Japanese toilet and electronic bidet are quality brands and leaders in their field that is why we recommend in our Sydney Bathroom showrooms.

Bidet toilets combines the functions of a toilet and bidet in one unit, enabling many disabled people to use the toilet unaided and those able-bodied who just want a higher level of personal hygiene. There are purpose-built integrated units where water and power connections are concealed within the unit, combined units consisting of toilet bowl and seat with external power and water connections and bidet toilet seats which can be retrofitted to an existing toilet, these self washing toilets are designed for all genders and is both hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Evo Wall Hung ViSmart Toilet System | Argent Australia



Common features across different brands and models typically include:

  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • Air drying temperature and pressure
  • Soft closing seats
  • Heated seats with adjustable temperature controls
  • Self cleaning nozzles
  • Rimless hygienic flush
  • Touchless or automatic flushing using presence detection sensors
  • Automatic opening seat
  • Night light

Bidet shower toilets have been more popular over the years around the world, popularity has spread from Japan and Korea – and increasingly now in Australia. Bidet toilets now enable us to wash routinely after using the toilet, delivering gentle and effective hygienic wash. 


The innovative bidet shower toilet technology - WASHLET is TOTO's signature product. IT was first launched in 1980 and has attracted the attention of the rest of the world with its thorough cleansing capabilities and appealing comfort features. With unparalleled hygiene and comfort standards, WASHLET is renowned as the World's first-class toilet.


There are many other benefits of regularly using a bidet:


Environmental Impact

A bidet uses only a small amount of water for cleansing and flushing.   Compared to the amount of material and energy used to produce toilet paper, for millions of people across the globe, you can see the significance of switching to a bidet. Also flushing toilet paper can be risky as it may clog the pipes and cause blockages, which will result in you having to organise a professional to come and repair your toilet.


Toilet paper combined with improper wiping can cause a great deal of bacteria to spread. Using a bidet will eliminate these germs.  We all clean ourselves with water daily and a bidet is no different.  Those individuals who believe it is hard to clean themselves due to old age, or disabled people, pregnant women or children who are toilet training could benefit from using a bidet toilet.

More Comfortable and Cost Efficient

Using a bidet is very simple compared to using harsh toilet paper on sensitive areas. Water will win every time! The cost of toilet paper will be eliminated no more storing of bundles of toilet rolls meaning you will have more space for other bathroom appliances.

The design of bidets has seen a number of improvements over the past few decades.  In recent years toilet seat bidets have risen significantly as there are now two main types’ the electric bidet and non-electric bidet.  The electric bidet has countless features, you may select from warm or cool water, the spray pressure and the air dryer all can be adjusted to suit you.

If you are thinking of investing in a bidet toilet seat or suite, the first thing is to decide the correct type which will suit you and your budget.

If you have any questions about selecting the right one, Just Bathroomware located in Sydney has a number of modern Bidet Toilet Seats and Suites to select from. You may decide on a Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat by TOTO or Darling New Sensowash Wall Hung Toilet by Duravit. 



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