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5 Clever small bathroom ideas to help make your bathroom appear larger!


Light gives the effect of open space, brighten up a small bathroom with natural light from the window or a skylight, use frosted glass if there is a privacy issue. If your bathroom doesn't have a window choose multiple inset down-lights to brighten a small bathroom, steer away from pendant lights and sconces.


Dark colours can be exciting and dramatic for the short term, but living with a dark dramatic bathroom can give you short term satisfaction, with daily use you may quickly tier from this dark colour pallet. Keep a small bathroom light and airy use light colours such as whites, neutrals, creams and pastels. White reflects the light around the room.


A big mirror can contribute a sense of space, to a small bathroom renovation, enhance light or and add a sense of depth to the room.

A large mirror or a wide tall mirrored shaving cabinet in front of the bathroom basin will reflect all of the light in the room and if your bathroom layout allows, a mirror that extends over the entire wall makes your bathroom feel bigger than it is. We have a range of mirrors as well as copper free mirrors designed to be functional as well as add style to your bathroom design. Choose from a wide range of mirrors produced by leading international bathroomware manufacturers, including Duravit, Studio Bagno, Inda, ADP, Pom d’Or, and Parisi.

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Frame-less walk in shower screen is sleek, minimal and a functional contemporary design that has easy to clean properties and makes your small bathroom appear lighter and brighter.


Another small bathroom idea is the use of Wall hung or mounted vanities, Basins, toilet pans with in-wall cisterns are the perfect choice for a small bathroom they give a less cluttered minimal look to your bathroom design. Because the bathroom floor is seen in its entirety if installing wall hung  bathroom units such as vanities and toilet pans it give the illusion of a larger more spacious room. Bathroom vanities are not just a beautiful furniture statement in your bathroom but an effective and practical way to hide the clutter of toiletries, make-up, and grooming products. With a huge range of quality vanity units from European brands such as Duravit, Devon & Devon, Parisi, Villeroy & Boch and high-quality local manufacturers such as ADP, Timberline, Turner Hastings and Rifco, choosing the right size and colour from your small bathroom is easy! 

If you only have room for a mirrored shaving cabinet and only require a wall hung basin then the Studio Bagno Spy is a collection of washbasins specially designed for saving space, practicality, and comfort. A great statement piece to neatly fit any small bathroom. 

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A wall mounted toilet pan is a popular option for small bathroom designs. As the plumbing is hidden away behind a wall, these designs look streamlined and chic — making the toilet much more of a design feature. The clean lines coordinate well with all styles of bathroom decor, but a wall mounted toilet is particularly suited to modern bathrooms, uplifting the space and giving it a more spa-like feel. 

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In Wall flush plates go in conjunction with an in wall cistern which is required when you install a wall mounted toilet pan. Inwall cisterns and Flush Plates offer a more contemporary aesthetic to your bathroom design. Choose from a single-flush or water-saving dual-flush mechanisms, see our range of Italian design and manufactured TECE Flush plates and buttons; whether made of economical plastic, out of particularly robust and hygienic stainless steel or elegantly in real glass, controlled at the push of a button or by sensor, classic, geometric or minimalist, mounted flat on the wall or even flush-mounted as part of the wall design. The breadth of colours, shapes and materials available means you’ll find the right flush plate for every ambience. 

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Hope these 5 small bathroom renovation ideas set you on the right track to improve the design of your beautiful new bathroom.

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