Top trends for the high-end bathroom - Duravit



Sweeping lines and dynamic curves characterise new products like Duravit Viu/XViu and Happy D.2 Plus

Frank Lloyd Wright, an early pioneer of organic architecture, took his inspiration from nature. The legendary architect integrated organic forms into his works, seeking to harmonize the object with the environment. Duravit’s latest additions to its product ranges perpetuate this idea: sweeping lines and dynamic curves characterise new products like Viu/XViu and Happy D.2 Plus.

Organic Elegance

The Viu/XViu series by sieger design boasts a post-industrial elegance with a combination of organic forms and precise geometry. The highlight is a washbasin with Duravit’s patented c-bonded technology: the clear rectangular definition on the outside contrasts with gentle organic curves within,  reminiscent of the softness of water.




Colours, Materials, and Surfaces

Matte colours are reigning strong in interior design. In the bathroom silky, matte surfaces and wood create a soothing, warming atmosphere. Duravit’s new light and dark matte glazes for washbasins and toilets open up an even greater variety of combination options. Their velvety finish exudes a sophisticated elegance and creates contrasts with glossy individual pieces or zones with other pops of colour.


The Happy D.2 Plus bathroom furniture, created by Sieger design, is available in a total of 11 finishes for an individual look in the bathroom, featuring quality wood or fashionable matte surfaces in light and dark shades. Even greater customization options are afforded by the choice of six finishes for the console panel, enabling a whole range of creative combinations: monochrome, harmonious tone-in-tone or contrasting.


Smart Technology

Duravit’s tech-forward mirrors provide a bevy of features and intuitive ease of use that make them optimal for any bathroom setting. The features of the round Happy D.2 Plus mirrors in particular offer added comfort. Mirror heating and the ambient light and colored light switching function can be operated via icon control. The series also provides the opportunity for a perfectly matching double washing area.