The perfect dream bathroom


KALDEWEI  freestanding and built-in bathtubs, basins and hydrotherapy multipoint spa systems transform any bathroom into an oasis of relaxation. Be it models for small or large bathrooms, for one or two people, for corner installation or freestanding bath. An impressive selection of shapes and sizes with many optional extras let you create the bathtub of your dreams.

The unique material, Kaldewei steel enamel, is not only at the core of the brand but is also the reason for the success of every product over decades.


KALDEWEI, Ahlen – We all have a different image of what our dream bathroom looks like ideally, most of us would make change the room layout, the bathroom solutions and the overall aesthetics – as revealed by the  the Forsa survey, conducted for Kaldewei. At the top of the wish list: 75% of interviewees would like a floor-level shower. There is also huge demand for a bright, cheerful bathroom, space for a bath and shower, and perfectly coordinated bathroom solutions – ideally made from a high-quality materials.

Room layout: Clever planning is essential
It’s a good time for flexible bathroom solutions: more than 68% of interviewees prefer a bright, cheerful ambiance in their bathroom as well as 62% wanting space for both a bath and shower. Given that most bathrooms are small, this presents a challenge to almost half of those surveyed. What the majority of interviewees most disliked was the size of their bathroom. The answer could be flexible bathroom solutions that come in many different shapes and sizes, so that they can be placed anywhere in the room, making optimal use of the available space, be that freestanding or built-in as well as models that combine bathing and showering in one.

The top dream bathroom solution: a floor-level shower 
According to the Kaldewei survey, 75% of interviewees desire a floor-level shower, making this the undisputed number one feature of a dream bathroom. Enamelled shower surfaces such as the Kaldewei Conoflat open up the room and create scope for design due to them being flush to the floor. In addition, in smaller bathrooms, light, warm colours and organic lines for shower surface, bathtub and washbasin that create a cosy atmosphere are desirable.


In demand: perfectly coordinated, high-end bathroom solutions
The Kaldewei survey reveals that, 55% of interviewees prefer perfectly coordinated bathroom solutions and 55% want high-end materials. Ideally, people want a shower surface, bathtub and washbasin that are aesthetically pleasing, using high-quality materials that perfectly harmonise in terms of design and a single material. This is what Kaldewei calls a “Perfect Match”. In the survey, 33% of interviewees reported problems with limescale and 15% with mould. Hygiene tests have proved that superior bathroom solutions made of Kaldewei steel enamel with their glass-hard, non-porous surfaces are more hygienic and easier to clean than conventional acrylic products or tiled showers.


Personal comfort: more storage space or anti-slip finishes
The survey on what makes a dream bathroom versus the reality also shows that personal comfort is important with 30% of interviewees wanting, more storage space and 19% wanted reduced slip risk. These are wishes that are easily fulfilled by the generous surrounds of the Cono and Centro washbasin solutions and Kaldewei’s Secure Slip anti-slip finish. “In developing products, it has always been important for us to know how people live and what they want,” says Arndt Papenfuß, Kaldewei’s Director Marketing. “With a wide range of individual, perfectly fitting bathroom solutions made of superior steel enamel we now inspire not only builders but also architects and bathroom professionals to find the perfect solution that users will delight in every day – regardless of the size of the bathroom or how individual their needs are.”