Top 4 Best Designer Toilet Brands

Which are the best designer toilet brands to Buy?

Choosing the best toilet for your new home or renovation can be confusing with so many great options. Toilets can vary from high end to more basic models which are priced accordingly.


We recommend the following top 4 designer toilet brands –



The high-end Japanese bidet toilet brand TOTO offers luxurious bidet toilet suites and seats integrated with a Washlet unit (click link to read more about the TOTO Washlet Unit features).  The Washlet is remote control operated, full function front and rear warm water bidet cleaning, warm water massage function and capability for warm air drying; and after each use.



Duravit SensoWash® represents a new range of shower-toilet seat dedicated to modern needs. The need for hygienic cleanliness, for convenient operation, for good, sustainable design and for individuality. Certainly SensoWash® offers more than just toilet hygiene; SensoWash® provides a real quality-of-life improvement and defines a contemporary, uncomplicated, sustainable lifestyle.  A new feel for design, comfort and cleanliness.


Other leading bathroom toilet brands such as Villeroy & Boch have cleverly designed powerful water saving direct flush is directed around the bowl for a complete highly efficient hygienic clean at time of use. And for general routine cleaning it is far easier with no hidden hard to reach areas. The CeramicPlus coating minimises residue and fluid from building up and are easily washed away.



TECE  manufactures and sells high quality flush buttons  and in wall toilet cisterns across Germany and the world. They make an active contribution to protecting the environment. Eco-friendly due to the economy flush of the new drain valve and intelligent urinal control. Designer flush plates in different forms, materials and colours are freely configurable. The Company’s approach is one of uncompromising function – combined with integration. The functional or operational interface takes a back seat in the room, is flush to the wall or integrated in its conceptual environment.


If you are renovating an existing bathroom make sure the toilet you choose is suitable for your existing plumbing. Therfore before you decide on a toilet you need to know where your water inlet is (bottom or back) and where your waste trap is located. You will require an S Trap if it’s on the floor and a P Trap if it’s through the rear wall.

Toilets can be a stylish statement in your bathroom design. Know your bathroom design so you can decide on the style of toilet – traditional, contemporary or a minimalist style for example.

How much space is available in your bathroom, powder room or ensuite is an important factor to consider. If you need space saving or minimalist design then an in-wall concealed cistern and wall hung toilet pan is your best option, creating less clutter and a cleaner contemporary look. If space is not a problem then a back to wall toilet suite is a good option.

Consider the WELS rating of the toilet – 4 Star ratings are more environmentally friendly with lower water consumptions.


Some Toilets models are available with features such as,

  • Soft closing seats
  • A range of flushing technologies and designs such as Rimless toilets and special toilet bowl porcelain coatings to enable easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Durability and long warranty periods


There is no shortage of toilet brands to choose from. Our top picks are from these leading bathroom toilet brands, companies that offer durable, reliable and best quality products that you can depend on for many years.


Best 4 Toilet Brands

  – Duravit

  – Villeroy & Boch

  – TECE

  – TOTO


Quality, Service and Longevity-

Your bathroom toilet is a long term investment, we have mentioned only a few quality leading bathroom brands in this blog.  We have a greater selection of superior quality toilets and in wall cisterns and flush button brands on display. The toilet brands purchased from us is a committment to quality, service and longevity.


Top 4 Best Designer Toilet Brands               Top 4 Best Designer Toilet Brands                 Top 4 Best Designer Toilet Brands  Top 4 Best Designer Toilet Brands