Tips for designing a rustic style bathroom

Rustic bathrooms are an increasingly popular design style in our current world of sleek, contemporary lines. They embrace character and imperfections, creating prominent visual interest for anyone who enters the room.

A Striking Centrepiece

The easiest and most effective way to commence designing is to choose a focal centrepiece. A unique piece with character and charm will form a solid basis upon which the design will be built. This ensures that there is both significant visual interest and harmony in the room.

Cabinetry with Character

In order to follow along with the style and charm of rustic design, it is important to take the time to source fitting cabinetry. Unique items will enhance the overall ambience of the room whereas stock standard shelving units will spoil the holistic look. Choose carefully and shop around to find the perfect piece to complement your bathroom.

Incorporate Textiles

Textile items such as rugs can appear lavish and luxurious when incorporated into rustic designs. They can easily be used as wall decor, or on the floor instead of bath mats. Textile items are also a fantastic way to add texture and detail to your bathroom.

Industrial Colours & Rich Hues

A mix of rich, contrasting hues is reminiscent of decadence and past eras. Well-chosen colours can further add to the character of the room, helping to tie in all the other elements to form a holistic design.

Visual Resting Spot

Similarly to the first tip, it is important to include a visual resting spot in the design of the room. This could be anything from an artwork to a mirror – something to allow the viewer to rest their eyes for a brief moment. This ensures that the room doesn’t become too busy or overwhelming.


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