Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail

Heated towel rails are an efficient way to keep towels warm and dry in your bathroom. They are designed to fit in with any decor and can be installed on almost any wall or ceiling. Several considerations need to be made when choosing a heated towel rail, but knowing what heated towel rail features you should look for will help make the decision easier. Read our tips for choosing a heated towel rail before you buy one.


When choosing a heated towel rail, you want to go for a style that matches your bathroom decor. There are different finishes like black and white, chrome and brushed nickel. If you have an antique-style bathroom, look for one that has an old-fashioned feel. If your home is more modern, choose something sleek and minimalist in design.


Another important tip for choosing a heated towel rail is getting the right size. It's recommended that you measure the width of your bathroom and choose a heater that is no wider than this measurement. If you have a huge bathroom, such as one with three or more bays (compartments), we recommend buying two smaller rails rather than one big one.

Before buying, it's important to ensure that your heating rail's width is at least 500mm in length. This is because most bathrooms are only 600mm wide and require a towel rail with a minimum width of 500mm. If you don't have enough room for this, then it's best to choose something smaller that fits on your bathroom wall with ease.

If you're short on space and are looking for the most efficient way to heat your towels, a flat panel towel rail is a great option. These rails are designed to be installed in the corner of your bathroom or laundry room, so they take up less space than traditional towel rails. They also easily fit them into tight corners by mounting them directly onto the wall or ceiling.


Wattage is the amount of energy needed to heat your towel rail. The higher the wattage, the more power it uses, costing more money over time. So, when choosing between heated towel rails with different wattages, choose one that matches your budget — or better yet, find one that's less expensive to run! If you're looking for a good energy efficiency value, look for models with low amperage ratings under 0.1 amps per hour, so they'll conserve electricity while giving great performance too!

If you're replacing an existing rail and looking to switch from electric to gas or vice versa, consider making this change part of the update process. Since they both use water as their heating element, they have similar installation requirements; however, using gas will typically cost significantly less than electrifying an existing electric unit.

Just Bathroomware knows the top heated towel rail features to look for

There are many different options available when choosing a heated towel rail. Some have digital controls, and others have manual controls. Others have temperature readouts, while others do not. Some take up less space than others — the list of heated towel rail features to look for goes on!

While these options might seem overwhelming at first glance, the tips for choosing a heated towel rail above will help you decide. And if you are unsure, our friendly staff at Just Bathroomware can assist you to choose a brand. Contact us today so you can improve your bathrooms!