Three New Ways to Renovate & Style a Bathroom with Colour

Deciding on a colour scheme for a bathroom is no easy feat. Unlike most other areas in a house, this room is predominately made up of expensive fixtures such as showers, baths and basins that are designed to last decades, and the permanency of tiled walls instead of paint.

It is therefore little surprise that most home owners opt for a similarly safe and white interior palette, but the recent collections of leading bathroom designers are a refreshing game changer. From colourful baths to pastel taps and bold towels, these are the three easy ways to adopt the trend.




British brand Victoria + Albert Baths has just announced a new colour service enabling customers to personalise the exterior of their free-standing tubs and basins to one of 194 gloss and matte colours. Now, home owners can now easily integrate a pop of statement colour into their bathrooms without having commit to an all-encompassing scheme.

“For too long we’ve all been playing safe with bathroom design, but increasingly we’re looking to introduce personality,” says Emma Joyce, Victoria + Albert’s spokesperson.

“Colour is a great way of doing this and you can dial it up or down depending on how brave you’re feeling.” Joyce suggests choosing one or two areas of the bathroom, such as a showpiece tile or bath, to experiment with colour.

Missoni Home from Safari Living. Photo: Supplied.


“If you’d like to introduce colour in a more controlled way, perhaps opt for a painted basin, which will create an impact in any bathroom or even a small cloakroom.”



Tapware is another way to add of a point of difference to an otherwise neutral bathroom. Melbourne-based manufacturer Sussex has released its 2019 colour showcase featuring fashion-inspired shades of green and blue.


Sussex Taps. Photo: Lisa Cohen.


“Tapware should be like the final piece of jewellery you put on – it finishes a room and adds flair and finesse to a space,” Sussex director Vanessa Katsanevakis says.

“Applying these seasonal colours to the bathroom is easier than one might think. Forest green and periwinkle blue sit comfortably alongside chrome accents, while the muted stone neutrals complement brass and gold highlights.”

Sussex can even colour match a paint swatch and apply this to the tapware of a customer’s choosing for a truly bespoke bathroom.


Roxburgh by Victoria + Albert. Photo: Supplied.


 “Because we manufacture everything locally, we can be very agile with colour experimentation and it leads to some really beautiful and unexpected combinations,” Katsanevakis says.

“Five years ago, chrome accounted for about 95 per cent of tapware finishes sold in Australia. For Sussex today, that number has dropped to about 30 per cent as we see more and more demand for colour, patina and matte finishes.”



For those unable to renovate their bathroom, colourful accessories can create a big impact and have the benefit of being easily changeable.

“I cannot go past high-quality bathroom textiles that can instantly transform any space – and in that category, Missoni Home offer the best selection of inspiring colour, pattern and textural options,” says Felicity Rulikowski, founder of interiors retailer Safari Living.

“You can select your colour palette, then add layers with potted plants, flowers and ceramics.”

Adairs product manager Natalie Chylinski also recommends bold towel colours and textures along with indoor plants that add a sense of calm.

“Be areful to not overcomplicate it. Don’t introduce too many colours, and don’t add too many textures,” Chylinski says.

“As a rule of thumb, I never incorporate any more than two hues in my bathroom interiors. I’ll chose a darker hue and a lighter hue, that way the two I’ve chosen add depth, create a nice contrast and complement the existing interiors beautifully.”