Brodware Yokato Disc Tapware Collection


Representing wholeness, flow and harmony, the circular handles of the new Brodware Yokato Disc tapware collection bring a sense of tranquility and control that you can feel in you hand.

Forged in brass and with high-quality geometric knurling,  Yokato Disc fixtures will quietly state exceptional taste while blending harmoniously into any space.

Designed and made in Australia, Brodware’s bathroom design solutions are carefully selected to be concise, engineered to be complete, and are crafted at the highest quality.


Brodware work with the finest designers across a wide range of aesthetic inspirations to create an assortment of beautiful products which are also very functional. From old world elegance Industrial to modern organics. With over fifty years of experience in to signature tapware, accessories and  fittings.

Fully integrated into the Brodware approach is an expert understanding of design history and fabrication processes. This blend of scholarly appreciation and applied experience guarantees mechanical integrity, meticulous craftsmanship, and timeless designs.


Finishes. Design without limitations.

Embracing any imagination, Brodware offers a variety of custom finishes that can be applied throughout our entire range. This service enables you to customise and combine these finishes with products in a variety of ways to suit your needs. A wide range of finishes and materials include distinctive handles in Swarovski crystal, and black or white porcelain – presenting untold options to make any space your own.

As an Australian luxury bathroomware manufacturer, Brodware helps create truly unique environments and experiences, with numerous selections allowing for special customisation options. As individual elements are layered throughout a space, Brodware products bridge multiple styles and please the most discerning eye. The result: a place where functional living is as personal as it is sophisticated.mich

All Brodware tapware is WELS compliant. Brodware cares about our environment and the effects caused by the transformation of the materials used in the production of its products. With carefully select materials which have a low impact on the environment, from the raw materials and their transformation, to the manufacturing of a product, its disposal and the possibility of reusing the products.  The raw materials and other substances used for production are chosen to provide both incredibly high quality for the final product and to guarantee the least possible impact on the environment.

Brodware products are both functional and visually appealing, but go beyond simply the presentation of water; their production processes are designed to meet and exceed their obligations to government and environmental regulations. From development through to the selection of materials and production, Brodware focuses its attention on environmental sustainability.

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Brodware Yokato Disc Tapware Collection