The Benefits of Concealed Toilets

To the general person, a toilet has a single purpose and function. Though surprisingly, toilets come with a variety of styles and designs. In particular, a recent trending toilet design has been concealed toilets. From expanding the size of your bathroom to its amazing weight holding capacity, there is no mistake for the growing demand for these toilets. If you would like to know more, continue reading the rest of this blog.

What is a Concealed Toilet?

A traditional toilet has an exposed pan and cistern, the way it’s been around for 100 years. The big trend at the moment is concealing the system of the toilet. Meaning the cistern itself is sitting in the wall, mounted on the wall or the face. You can also have a wall-mounted pan, which is floating.

A Bigger Bathroom

The advantage of having the bulk of the toilet concealed is that it gives the illusion of the bathroom being more spacious than it really is. This is because you are not seeing the toilet going right down to the floor. Additional to the added space, it allows for one less part of the toilet to be cleaned. Also, depending on the type of concealed toilet you have, cleaning the surfaces underneath and around the toilet is a breeze as it is lifted up and off the floor.

Weight Is Not a Problem

A general concern for a lot of people when it comes to purchasing a concealed toilet is the weight holding capacity. Due to the nature of the wall mounted design, it may seem limiting. However, this concealed toilet design is popularly used in airports. Therefore, these toilets have been tried and tested worldwide in a commercial application for years with countless individuals. Structurally, they’re incredible strong, taking up to 400 kilos for a wall hung toilet. Therefore, you can be at ease knowing your husband, wife, kids and friends are all able to use this style of toilet with no limitations.

Not Difficult to Service

Like any toilet, it may require to servicing from time to time, such as a leak or blockage. Therefore, a concealed toilet may seem almost impossible to service due to its hidden design. This is a common myth. Concealed toilets have been around for numerous years and plumbers these days are highly educated on these designs. All of the services are actioned through the button itself. Hence, the button is generally around 20, 25cm by 15cm. That way, the button can be removed and you can access the internal part of the system at any time. It’s never a case that the actual wall has to come down – that is extremely rare. Additionally, these toilets would, again, not be used in airports for 30 years or more if they required huge maintenance issues.

A Huge Range of Brands and Concealed Toilets

Just Bathroomware have been stocking and selling concealed toilets for over 20 years.  We have modern flush plates and buttons to match the concealed toilets from renowned brands such as TECE and Viega. If you are looking to enhance your bathroom today with a new concealed toilet, contact Just Bathroomware today.