Coloured Bathtubs – The Current Trend

In the last few years, coloured baths have made a huge statement in the industry, taking after recent popular trends seen in Italy. As we move away from the classic pristine white, colours have been adding flair and character to many bathrooms. Read the rest of this blog to learn more about what materials and colours you can choose for your new bathtub.


There are three common materials, acrylic, traditional cast iron and stone composite. Acrylic bathtubs are your lower priced models. This is like a plastic resin. The old traditional cast iron baths have been around for a hundred years. They are extremely heavy and more commonly seen in the federation style homes. The most popular ones at the moment are the stone composite baths. These baths are made up of 50% quarry stone and the other half, a resin base. Generally, many are sold in white but these come in coloured exteriors as well.


The entry-level acrylic baths range from around a $1000 and up. These do not last as long compared to their counterparts and the materials tend to fade. The touch may not feel as sturdy or solid like the stone and cast iron baths. Additionally, the stone and cast iron baths retain heat far better than the acrylics.

Colour Options

At Just Bathroomware, we can paint your desired baths in any colour from the Dulux colour charts, giving you full range to customise your bathroom to how you really want. These colours are painted on the exterior, not the internal parts of the bath. As the paint is on the outside of the bath, you can expect the paint to last. The most popular colours that we have seen as of recent are pink, yellow, black and purple.

There are even coloured stone composite baths that have stone chips throughout the material to give off that real stone look. The popular colours in this range are dark greys and off whites. This is because of the trend we are seeing in the marketplace. People are shying away from the whites and chromes. It is a trend that has been in play overseas for many years, but the Australian market has taken a lot longer to catch on.

For the baths that are coloured all the way through, the white resin is instead, replaced with the coloured resin. There is little deterioration in colour with this method.

Stencil and Custom Art Baths

Just when you thought having a bold, coloured bath was enough, Just Bathroomware offer custom stenciling and artwork finishes on their Victoria + Albert Baths. Mosaics tile patterns, glitter flecks, foiling, Audrey Hepburn – whatever you desire for your bathroom, it is possible to get a bath to match your wildest imagination.

Coloured Bath Stockists

If you are interested in updating your bathroom today, Just Bathroomware are one of Sydney’s leading bathroom ware stores for coloured baths. We stock quality baths from leading brands such as Victoria + Albert and Dado. If you would like to see our full range, you can visit one of our showrooms in Drummoyne and Crow’s Nest in Sydney. Alternatively, you can contact us right here and will can help guide you on picking the perfect coloured bath.