TECE Lux Mini – Electronic Toilet Flush Plate

The toilet flush plate with electronic, touch-free actuation


The TECE lux Mini is an electronic glass flush plate for the TECE cistern. The flush actuation is touch-free or by means of a light tap on the button area. The approach sensor recognises when a person approaches the toilet, and activates the illumination of the button area, additionally serving as an orientation help in the dark.

Electronic flush plate for TECE cistern with front actuation and actuation height of approx. 1 m. flat glass actuation, including attachment material and actuation motor. Suitable for flush-mounted installation.



The sensor detects when a person is approaching the toilet, and only illuminates the flush buttons then. The flush actuation is touch-free or by simply touching the button area.

A programmable remote control allows you to individually adjust the recognition range, activation time or display brightness. This can also be used to set the intervals of individual functions such as the hygiene or safety flush.


Functions via programmable remote control:

  • Sensor recognition range
  • Hygiene flush
  • Activation time
  • Safety flush
  • Illumination brightness of the display