Gessi Cono Tapware Collection

Contemporary fusion art for the bathroom : Gessi Cono collection designer – Prospero Rasulo

A revolutionary design combining perfect proportions to pure shapes. During a journey among the lush scenery and the dwellings in South Eastern Asia, Designer and Sculptor Prospero Rasulo captured the sun filtering light cones across vegetation, the architectural form describing his ideal fusion of architecture and nature.

Gessi carries out each production phase and manufacturers every product component in house. With entirely “Made in Gessi” production processes, the company represents the most genuine embodiment of the “Made in Italy” philosophy, incorporating Italian beauty, design and lifestyle into its products and distributes their bathroom collections all over the world.

TheCono collection inspires an organic harmony and relaxation for innovative bathroom interior designs.



This architectural bathroom collection is available in-

  • Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Gold, Brushed Gold
  • Antique Brass
  • Black Metal
  • Copper finish