Pebble oH Round Stone Bath - exclusive to Just Bathroomware Sydney

Crafted for opulent spaces, imaginative in its simplicity and minimalism; the Pebble oH Stone Composite freestanding round bath is luxury bathing - incredibly spacious, deep and decadent. 


The Pebble oH round stone bath is a great way to give your bathroom the ulitmate bathroom statement, with a luxurious organic serene feel. Crafted from composite stone, these bathtubs are ultra-durable and retain heat well to allow lots of time of comfortable bathing and unwinding. 

The Pebble oH bath is made from one piece and made by using limestone and resin technology to create a composite stone material that doesn't weigh or cost the earth. They feature a matte finish which is smooth, solid and velvety to touch.


Pebble oH Stone Round Bath - exclusive to Just Bathroomware


The Pebble oH round bath comes in a matte white finish and is available to order in four sizes (1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm and 1500mm Width) and comes with a matching 40mm Stone Domed Waste.

A warranty that extends for a period of seven years.


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Discover the Elegance of the NEW Pebble oH Round Stone Bath at Just Bathroomware Sydney


Enhance your bathing experience. 

If you're looking to give your bathroom a stunning, elegant aesthetic, and also add value to your home, then the Pebble oH Bath is perfect for you.