Create a Pop Art Bathroom with Studio Bagno, Parisi, Globo & Victoria + Albert

Get ready to make a statement with vibrant and eye-catching Pop Art Design Style!

What exactly is Pop Art? Is it just a bunch of colourful paintings that look like they belong in a comic book?  Let's dive into the world of pop art and uncover what makes it so unique.

What is Pop Art?

Pop art emerged in the 1950s and 60s as a fun response to the seriousness of traditional art. 

Why is it Called "Pop" Art?

Pop artists drew inspiration from everyday objects, advertisements, and celebrities. They took these mundane, "pop"ular items and turned them into fun playful art.

Who are Some Famous Pop Artists?

Like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Claes Oldenburg these eccentric artists took the ordinary and made it extraordinary. They embraced mass production, creating art that was cheerful and playful and accessible to everyone.

Andy Warhol campbell's soup cans and other works 1953-1967

Andy Warhol campbell's soup cans and other works 1953-1967 


How to create a Pop Art Bathroom

Do you want to add a splash of colour and personality to your daily routine? Pop art is all about bold colors, playful patterns, and a sense of fun. It's the perfect style to inject some energy and excitement into your bathroom. Plus, who wouldn't want to start their day surrounded by vibrant art and quirky designs?

Colourful Walls

The first step in creating your pop art bathroom is to choose a colour scheme that pops! Think bright yellows, electric blues, and fiery reds. Paint your walls or use tiles in a bold hue or add a fun wallpaper with a funky pattern. Don't be afraid to mix and match colours for a truly eye-catching look.

Quirky Accessories & Artwork

No pop art bathroom is complete without some quirky accessories. Look for shower curtains, bath mats, coloured tiles and towels with bold geometric shapes or comic book-inspired designs. Add a few quirky art pieces or sculptures to really make a statement.

Bathroom Products

Basins, Baths, Toilets and Tapware come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, making them the perfect finishing touch for your pop art bathroom. Whether you choose a bold primary colour or a modern or unusually shaped tile or basin, textured pattern coloured tapware are sure to make a statement.

Studio Bagno pop art basin sydney

Studio Bagno Spy 75 Basin in Matte Indigo


Sinfonia Counter Top Basin by Studio Bagno

Studio Bagno Metamorfosi Basin


pop art basin colours

Parisi Seen freestanding basins - pop art bathrooms

Parisi Seed freestanding basins


Globo Bob console basin - pop art bathroom

Globo Bob console basin


Parrisi APP wll hung toilet pans


App Go Wall Mounted Toilet


milady-matte-black-toilet pan Studio Bagno

Studio Bagno Milady Toilet Pan


Finishing Touches

Don't forget the finishing touches to tie the whole look together. Add a retro mirror with a colorful frame, a funky light fixture, and some fun storage containers. Your pop art bathroom will be a true reflection of your personality and style. Let your modern creativity run wild and transform your bathroom into a pop art masterpiece.
Victoria-Albert-Baths-coloured baths pop art bathrooms
Victoria + Albert Baths - coloured baths are perfect choice for Pop Art bathrooms!


Pop Art design style challenges the idea that bathrooms have to be serious, instead it celebrates the everyday and brings a sense of humor and playfulness to the your everyday space that reflects your personality.


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