Omvivo Luxury Resort Style Bathroom Products

Omvivo has been a pioneer in contemporary bathroom product design and manufacturing for over 25 years. A subsidiary of the Schiavello Group, Omvivo remains at the forefront of the Australian and international bathroom market.

Omvivo’s philosophy, flexibility and capacity to manufacture cutting edge products encourages them to continually broaden their scope of works and become more ambitious in their design. This also ensures Omvivo bring new and exciting products to market, consistent in quality.

Products evolve from concept through to production and beyond, considering innovation, functionality and quality. Collaboration with external reputable designers to expand the collection 

Material selection, manufacturing procedures and life cycle analysis are mandatory considerations throughout the design process. These essential steps ensure Omvivo remain environmentally responsible when designing and producing for the collection.



Solid Surface

The name ‘Solid Surface’ encapsulates materials such as Corian®, Marblo®, Cristalplant®, High Mac®, Staron®, Satine and more.

Solid Surface is created from acrylic or polyester with natural minerals to create a material with unequalled advantages and versatility. The contemporary aesthetic is appealing for architectural environments and is fast becoming the design staple for modern residential and commercial projects.

For Omvivo, Solid Surface is an obvious choice. From a design perspective there are few limitations and it allows for unique and seamless creation. Omvivo Solid Surface principally has a smooth matt finish which is complimentary to Omvivo’s unique contemporary designs while the quality, durability and lifespan of the material respect the brands philosophy.

For the consumer, Solid Surface offers a more contemporary and attractive finish than typical ceramic product. Quality Solid Surface is a homogeneous material throughout and is strongly resistant to staining. Stains will not penetrate the material, scratches and marks can be buffed out and in many cases scratches and damage can be repaired.


Soft Skin

Omvivo Lilli 550 Basin with Charcoal Softskin

Softskin is a contemporary and dramatic way of introducing colour and contrast into the bathroom. 

Offered on a range of Omvivo basins and baths, Softskin is a layered finish that is applied to the exterior of Omvivo’s solid surface, producing a stunning two tone effect.

The unique painted finish is created with a rubber compound creating a tactile surface that is soft, warm and very appealing to touch. The smooth matt surface is also durable and easy to clean.

The extensive range of Omvivo basins available with Softskin is ideal for contemporary homes, while the vibrancy and ability to incorporate particular colours including corporate or theme colours is perfect for commercial projects.

Restaurants, bars, retail and office amenities can opt for a subtle touch of colour, or a striking contrast in an array of styles.


These colour skins are available on the following models:

  • CDesignThe uncomplicated aesthetics of the CDesign collection represent a rigorously simple geometric form, flexible design and understated detailing.
  • KLThe distinctive design of the KL basin with contemporary lines and gentle waterfall-like qualities, provide a striking centerpiece for any bathroom.
  • LatisInspired by the fundamentals of tradition and quality, Latis is a truly luxurious bathroom collection with eternal appeal.
  • LilliLilli provides a sophisticated sculptural feature for the bathroom with smooth curves and classic Omvivo solid surface.
  • LuneCombination of organic curves and refined geometry, resulting in a contemporary yet timeless design.
  • Mono / PedestalThe clean lines and elegant shallow vessel show a restrained aesthetic that still remains a powerful presence, ideal the modern bathroom.
  • MotifMotif features unique artistic details, which transcends the basin itself by creating beautiful shadowed patters on the surrounding bench top.
  • NeoNeo combined function with exclusive, uncomplicated design, the needs and desires of the modern family strongly influenced the creation of Neo, resulting in a contemporary, highly adaptable range of basins with superior quality furniture.
  • VeniceThe Venice collection balances modern symmetry and classical beauty.  Embodying organic design and finishes, flowing form and function with timeless style.  Venice is contemporary luxury.

Cleaning and Maintenance – Solid Surface

Always start your cleaning routine with the basic clean and move to a deep clean is necessary.

Basin Basic Clean
Spills should be cleaned promptly. Clean with a mild detergent or soapy water and a soft, sponge or non-scratch scourer*.

Basin Deep Clean
For a deep clean and to remove cosmetics, ink and other colour agents that may leave marks use a diluted very mild abrasive cleaner*¹ with a soft cloth in light circular motions. For stubborn marks or staining a light buff in circular motions using diluted very mild abrasive* cleaner with non-scratch scourer* will generally restore the finish.

Basin Intense Clean/Repair
For extreme marks and light scratches a very light buff in circular motions using the fine grade sand/glass paper*¹ will restore the surface. A heavier grade of sandpaper will scratch the surface, which can be removed by then using a light sand paper.

Softskin Basic Clean
Clean with warm soapy water or non-acidic, non-abrasive, mild detergent and soft cloth. Finish by cleaning off detergents with a soft wet cloth and towel dry.

Important notes
For best results finish by wiping surface clean of all detergents and dry with a soft clean cloth. Regular cleaning will assist to keep your solid surface and cabinetry looking fantastic and reduce wear and dirt build up.

For consistent appearance with your solid surface, it is best to give the entire surface of the product the same clean/sand. Avoid applying excessive pressure on clean/rub the same area for a prolonged period of time, unless repairing a scratch or damage.

Never use sharp products such as steel wool or aggressive, commercial grade / strong cleaners or chemicals (e.g. acetone, Trichloroethylene, acids and caustics soda) as these may damage and scratch the surface. Only use your Venice basin cleaning instructions on your Venice basin as these cleaning methods may cause damage to other products, materials and finishes which will not be covered by your warranty.

* Always test ‘non-scratch’ and ‘mild abrasive’ products in a non-conspicuous area first to ensure suitability as brands can differ.

¹Your basin has been supplied with a white non-scratch scourer and a fine grade sanding pad.


Cleaning Instruction Video


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