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W 900mm x D 400mm x H 133mm

Arki 900 Wall Hung Basin by Omvivo


W 700mm x D 400mm x H 133mm

Arki 700 Wall Hung Basin by Omvivo


W 470mm x D 300mm x H 133mm 

Arki 470 Wall Hung Basin by Omvivo


L 2200mm x D 705mm x H 635mm

Le Cob Freestanding Bath by Omvivo


W 600mm x D 400mm x H 130mm

Latis Rectangle Counter Top Basin by Omvivo


504⌀ x H 80 mm

Motif Counter Top Basin by Omvivo



Omvivo has been a pioneer in contemporary bathroom product design and manufacturing for over 25 years. A subsidiary of the Schiavello Group, they remains at the forefront of the Australian and international bathroom market.

The Omvivo collection incorporates pieces that challenge and inspire. The dedicated design team places the company in a unique position.

Products evolve from concept through to production and beyond, considering innovation, functionality and quality. Collaboration with external reputable designers to expand the collection and to create project specific pieces also adds to the diversity of the company.

Material selection, manufacturing procedures and life cycle analysis are mandatory considerations throughout the design process. These essential steps ensure Omvivo remain environmentally responsible when designing and producing for the collection.