NEW Kaldewei Miena Washbasin Bowls

The new release Kaldewei Miena washbasin bowls designed by Anke Salomon are available in round, square and rectangular versions and different sizes. What is completely new is the diversity of colour: apart from the classic bathroom colours, customers can choose from the exclusive shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection.


Kaldewei has once again exceeded manufacturing constraints to make its Miena product series thus continuing its success story of groundbreaking bathroom innovations.

With the Miena washbasins Kaldewei has created true design icons that meet even the most discerning demands of aesthetics and individuality. Their fluid lines lend the Miena washbasins a remarkable lightness while the distinctive properties of steel enamel heighten the impression of flawless purity still further. The new washbasin bowls can be placed at will on a support plate or console, so are not subject to the dimensions of the bathroom furniture. Since the Miena washbasins are fitted with an enamelled waste cover – a characteristic feature of many Kaldewei product lines – they can be combined with a wide range of bathtubs and enamelled shower surfaces from the Kaldewei portfolio – entirely in keeping with the “Perfect Match” approach.


In terms of colour, Kaldewei offers fresh diversity. The Miena models are available in the classic bathroom colours as well as in the exquisite shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection, allowing for even greater individuality in bathroom design.



What was special about designing the Miena washbasin bowls?

Designer Anke Salomon talks about the Miena washbasin design story: “Washbasin bowls are highly visual. Since they sit majestically on top of a piece of furniture it is essential that the bowls possess a special, emotional aesthetic. At the same time, they should not be too polarising so that they work with other bathroom products and leave creative scope for a wide range of different architectural designs. The special feature of the Miena washbasin bowls is the way they successfully combine scale and fine-edged delicate flowing lines. This contrast is so striking that it was important to pare down the formal design in order to develop a harmonious, benign product. The design is based on clean-lined, timeless basic geometrical shapes that have, however, been easily freed from pure geometry in a natural, fluid way. Quiet yet special.”



Source: Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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